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Sunday, December 29, 2013

After Christmas adventures

Wow we have been glued to the television these last four days, with Downton Abbey the first three seasons and now the football game. Can you believe that scramble a great game, yahoo we won.. Oh well the weather outside is dreadful and we have gotten all caught up on our chores so why not...Downton Abbey was great we stayed up until 2:00 last night and are now followers.  I can hardly wait for this seasons opening, what a great show...Even Jerry was hooked, he may say he did it for me, but he was the one ready to start watching at 2:00 in the afternoon.  He cannot fool me he loved it, we sat side by side to the very end and what a sad ending. It was fun sharing the Abby's family adventures both of us enthralled and sharing our opinions about what was going to happen next.  Jerry did good it was the best Christmas gift in a long time.
Thursday we went for a ride and past the Gig Harbor Park at the head of the bay,  and I saw it we turned around. There it was the most beautiful wood carving we turned around and took a closer look here are some pictures they do not do this work of art justice.  The fantastic art talent in Gig Harbor and the Peninsula is incredible I take my hat off the SAW DOGS what a work of art  thank you Gig Harbor for recognizing this talent and sharing it with us.  They will be adding a new and Maritime play station also, our little town is stepping up for sure.


Fantastic don't you think,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Well I have started to polish the crystals and shiny ornaments after all the tree has been up for three years and it needs some work, but oh my how lovely it is.  Yes it is that time again,  Christmas the season of joy and celebration for the Lord has come.  Well not every one celebrates in the same way for the same reason but for me and mine we celebrate Christmas the old fashion way with Christ's birth at the center.  For some the Christmas season brings sadness and a feeling of loneliness.  That is true I have been there, more times than I wish to remember, but we always put our sorrows aside for our family, we come together in love of each other, we help each other, supported each other and cried together but on Christmas we stand together in love for our Lord and each other, we seek joy in our fellowship, in our songs and in our laughter.  We eat special foods made with the hands of our loved ones.  Sometimes there is an empty seat at the table, a dear one has passed, or walked away, but for us this year a new life will join our prayer circle I'Leah a beautiful granddaughter joins us.  We will bless this new life this new family member.  Someday she will have a circle of her own and she will take with her our family traditions and she will add to them.  I am looking forwards to our family day when we all join hands and pray for the coming year and give thanks for the year coming to a close, it has been a very busy year full of so much family time I had many long talks with my son, these were good times we have missed so many because of life's flowing we were going different directions no time for chit chat, but this year we caught up on many stories and a few cribbage games, he is one lucky fellow, I love cribbage so much I do not mind loosing within reason. but trust me "do not play poker with Steven for cash" what is yours will soon be his. 
Reflecting on this last year brings smiles to my heart it was a really fine year I have much to be thankful for, family and friends are my riches I am a wealthy woman because I am loved and I can see the love around me.
If for some reason you are alone this season, look around, there are others
like you alone, reach out and bring them to your circle.  My theory is to adopt when we moved here from California we had no family so we adopted one another couple with no family just like us we joined together and shared our holidays those were some of my happiest holidays we had so much fun together.  New traditions were started we shared love and fellowship, if you know of someone who will be alone reach out you never know how that friendship will grow maybe it will be a one time event or maybe a life long relationship.  Magic happens when you give of yourself,
this is the season for magic, and it is all about love. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

So "Busy" this last week

My dear cousin Gail from California came up to do the Seattle Christmas show at the Seattle Convention Center what fun we had, my daughter Laura and her family invited us to stay at her home in Sammamish, a lovely home good beds and happy times were had by all.  The commute was hair raising and full adventure but we did it.  THE PROFITS WERE NOT THERE SO THIS WILL NOT BE A YEARLY EVENT, there were so many people but sales were low, we had fun anyway.

 Then to top off the week our Stitch group went on an adventure to Bainbridge Island for the Fiber Arts show 24 women artist of the Northwest were featured and low and behold my niece Diane Novillo's jewelry was featured, how fun is that.  Only six of the twelve went but we had a great time getting ideas for future work, I must say it does not take much to inspire we arty folks, then of course there was the shopping. I was a bit under the weather so my shopping was limited.  I slept for four hours straight when I got home, all in all it was a lovely day.  I love my Stitch pals we plan on many trips this coming year.

It all comes down to time and energy, now that I have the time my energy is weak, I have so many ideas my head swims in them but doing it is another thing, oh well such is life.

We have a new Quilt shop in Gig Harbor and I had to remind myself I had more fabric than I could possibly finish, but I know I will return with check book in hand, the shop is colorful and bright a nice place to spend a little chit chat time.  Good Luck ladies you are doing a great service for us quilters.

Check out this great visual idea. Using color crayons my granddaughter made these on art canvas frames they are so bright and fun. So simple and visual. old crayons  (all the same brand) are glued to the frame then using a blow dryer with the flat attachment they are melted and she added the silhouettes so simple and fun.
Our STITCH art/quilt show is still at the Gig Harbor Library it will hang until Dec 3rd do go and see it, I am so proud to be in this group, it is a learning experience just watching them interact. To be a part of this group of women is inspiring and an honor.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pacific International Quilt Festival

The excitement is over I had four pieces juried into PIQF in Santa Clara this year, it is like being one of the teams at the Rose Bowl only one wins the other ones claim to fame is being the looser, that's me.  But oh the thrill of being chosen and the excitement of waiting to hear wow, this year was so exciting with four in the running anyway as you probably guessed My quilts did not make it.  I'm not sure I will ever enter again, my nerves just did a number on me, I got so excited waiting, I felt like a kid waiting for Santa.
That is no way to be at my age, I should be calm and self assured, right, well not this kid the whole process aged me, my great anticipation over whelmed me, I was a wreck, but it was fun I confess even if I did not win I got to go to the game. Looking at the winners from last year, I admit mine are primitive and details are not strong but I made it to the  game yahoo.
Coat of Many Colors
there is a dress belt and hat also

Monday, October 21, 2013

In the Company of Beautiful Women

Today was one of those days, I met with a group of woman who share the love of quilts, mainly vintage quilts and any other kind for that matter.  Where were we well PLU one of the meeting rooms and we had a bed turning and discussion on the what where and whys of each lovely quilt.  They were not all show stoppers but each one held something of interest for us to ponder. We are starting a Western Washington branch of the American Quilt Study Group, we are not official as of yet but there was a great deal of interest in starting a group that meets 3 or 4 times a year and together we will make a ripple in Washington's antique quilt history  I'm not sure which way our group will go but it is so exciting sharing stories and our quilts I know it is going to be a worth while venture and we will make a difference in the field of quilt history for Washington state.

There is so much to learn and share each lady brings with her a special skill or interest that will expand all of our knowledge about quilts we will learn from each other and grow.
Thank you Susan, Karen
 and Joy for facilitating the group you are making a difference.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Home from retreat

I am exhausted, it was productive and fun, good food and fellowship and each time our little STITCH group gathers it is a growing experience. We are all wise and worldly women and so very talented.  Sharing is surely what the "S" stands for in STITCH.
I guess I did not take that many pictures we worked on "to finally finish" projects and a great deal was accomplished, I shared how I did my glitzy pieces and got sparkle everywhere JoAnn's new sparkle tulle is so heavily covered with sparkle, really way too much, but what can you do when you love to work with sparkle.  I do not notice it when I am in my sewing room but it really shows up on hardwood floors and everywhere else for that matter, I think everyone had a bit of sparkle on their nose or somewhere on the face before the week was over.
Oh, by the way the Port Townsend quilt shop is "Not" closed it is open and full of great fabric, their name is Creative Union, this shop is well worth the trip, it is on the Chimacum side across from the airport before getting to the down town area.  It has so many great fabrics I really should not go there.
Yahoo our info on "STITCH's"  Colors of the Harbor Quilt show at the Piece County library made the Gateway last week. We will hang it on the 1st and it will hang for the month of October.  Do come and see our diversity.
My demo piece Rainbow Dancer

Our Lovely hostess

We can hardly wait until the next retreat, it was such hard work...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September always brings wonderful sunsets, living on our hill is a visual adventure watching the wind and the waters color change with the clouds and now the squalls I love it,  I find myself just sitting and watching the horizon as its changes the clouds swirling about slow my heart and settle my minds eye.  Those sunny days just a memory, ah but we had so many this year.  I regret not getting out in the yard and doing more this time of year gives a urgency to get it done, so much to dead head, the flowers were wonderful but once they die there is much to be done, as the wet weather moves in, The sunny days make living in this wet climate worth while.  I guess I love it all.
We are canning bounty from our fruit trees, apples, pears, plums not so many tomatoes, apple sauce, jam and I hope apple butter and my favorite orange marmalade.  Some of the potatoes are ready.
My creative spirit is a flame, with new and exciting ideas there is just not enough time in a day, I am trying to "not" do all-nighter's but they just seem to happen once I start a project I have no concept of time I go into a world all my own and I try to sleep but the sandman must have left town without me. I am truly blessed with a husband who is so comfortable in his own skin he can let me do what ever I want without feeling left out he is a wonderful man, and I am finally safe with love wrapped around me my spirit is free to create, I have been blessed in so many ways yahoo God.
Four of my pieces, two wall and two wearable's were juried into the Pacific International Quilt Festival, in Santa Clara California wow, double wow what a nice surprise, sadly I can not attend the show too many other previous scheduled events so I will not get to see my quilts hanging with all those wonderful creations. Getting to be in the  show is prize enough for me, but wouldn't it be wonderful to win something like I said double wow.
I have not written in some time forgot my password and let it pass time does fly that is for sure.
We have a new Great Granddaughter I'leah,  she is a cutie for sure but aren't they all especially in their grandmother's eyes, a new life coming into this world so fresh and fragile without malice.  We old ones watch her young mother's life change from young woman to a mother so protective and in a state of wonder at her precious treasure, love in it's purest form, the magic of motherly love, so beautiful to watch.
Well I am trying to get ready for a retreat our art group "STITCH" are gathering on Whidbey for Island four days of fun.  Friends of like minds doing creative stuff, eating and sharing our group is growing stronger with each gathering, we will just be girls again having a slumber party.  What fun is that?
I want to say a thank you to Patty Vincent for having the courage to start her business "Harbor Quilts" she has been a wonderful asset to our quilting community.  We have watched her go through so much pain and her courage and good humor has been admirable to say the least.  Her knowledge and encouragement has gotten so many through the quilter maze of confusion and gotten so may newbies' on the road to the joy of quilting, all I can say is well done Patty.  We just got the news she has sold her business, her positive presence will be missed, hopefully she will stay around in our community keeping her talented hand in the quilting world and she will be missed by so many.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gig Harbor Art Center Alliance is coming

Yes it is true we in Gig Harbor and all communities near by will have a wonderful Regional Art Center with all the facilities needed by local artist and their audience's, theaters for the preforming arts, music dance and so much more.  Check it out go to the web site GHACA and read about it first hand; click on the video and enjoy; also send a check of support for this wonderful asset to our communities; the land has been donated and the wonderful design complete now we go into the feasibility study and we need the local artist to come out and send cash for this worthy project, just think how you and your family will be influenced by this wonderful venue in our own community, concerts, plays, film festival, quilt shows and classes wow it is going to be great; and with your help it will be here sooner.
We artist attended the wonderful party to kick off the fund raising  for GHACA  feasibility study 

Janet Larson enjoying the entertainment 

Ann and Sherry

wonderful you dancer she was so good

they all were

There were three lovely young dancers, thespians', two musical groups and wonderful foods and drink a good time was had by all.
Saturday afternoon we went into town and took a picnic to Ruston way and enjoyed the beauty of a summers day


 Then we drove around checking out landscaping and per chance a garage sale--Wow  we

spotted this yard, someone does not have enough to do, it looks different and nice in its own way.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston