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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Taking a chance with a new Doctor(Proceedure)

Today I went to see a new doctor and had steroid injections in my spine to relieve the unknown pain that seems to roam my lower back, it was a hard decision to allow this invasive treatment.  Now after sleeping all day I am thinking about how this pain has shaped my days.  We went walking on Sekui's wild beach last week I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the sand and sun but my back was so bad I could not do the great walking I had planned on doing, I need exercise and doing the needles was the only approach available so I did it.  So far so good the number has not completely warn off but it feels different (better) maybe my fear was uncalled for.  Life is all about choices.

What is it to you
We all know the reality of pain
Emotional pain eats away at your soul
Chronic pain awakes with you every day
I have lived with both yet
I cannot say which hurts the most
They both eat away at your being
They both consume your inner peace
They both shape your day
Do you know you we still have a choice?
We choose to fold under pains pressure

Or to overcome it
It is not easy - it is never easy
Each one has the inner tenacity

To overcome whatever comes your way
Each morning when you open your eyes

No matter what the pain
Know you can Overcome it

Your minds eye is powerful

Yes overcome it and be in charge of your day
The pain may not go away

But it is you who makes your day

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our oldest son Steven lives here at the mouth of the Sekui River we stayed with him for a week of meandering the beach.  Watching the eagles and Sea otters frolic and play; and seeing the spray from the local whales; but for me the highlight was agate hunting.  We got a few but this trip was short in the agate department but high in the long chats department, plus cribbage and campfire nights
with guitar music into the night.

The naps were the best listening to the tides change and the soft breezes that brushes your cheeks as the birds talk, oh dear how the young crows squawk as they try to coaxes their mom's to give up their food.
All and all it was a wonderful trip, Sekiu can be really cold but the weather was great and at times warm.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston