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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well the Museum Quilt Show has opened WOW

It is a great show with so much to see and enjoy, yes there are several of my quilts but the variety is wonderful. I charged my phone but did not charge my camera and wouldn't you know it was dead, so my pictures will have to follow later. Oh and by the way the Westsound Quilt Guild's show opens tomorrow at the fairgrounds in Silverdale, this is a dedicated group of quilters who each year put on one of the best Shows around. I will be there tomorrow all day, I hope to see you all there. This "Quilt-a-holic" is planning on getting her quilt fix this week and  I am planning on enjoying every minute of it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gig Harbor Museum's new show opens Oct 22nd Artistry of Quilts

I encourage everyone to attend it will be very interesting to see quilting and the artestry of the makers from the early 1800's to today's contemporary art quilts. Come one, come all it is going to be a really great show...yes I do have a couple of quilts in it. One I would like to share with you, it is very special to me. My grand daughter Katie Darville age seven made her first quilt without any direction. It was after she came for a visit. She always shops for fabric for her dolls when she visits, but this time when she got home she made a quilt; then called me very excited because she had to tell me about her first quilt. I could not wait to see it and it is a work of art. I loved it so I purchased a shadow box picture frame and framed it...That is when Daddy claimed it. Well one can not disagree with Daddy so the quilt hangs in their living room but I was able to pursuade them to let me show it at the Museum...It is fun to watch peoples faces when they see it for the first time...So do come to the show you will not be dissappointed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I remember the October moon

October came so fast, now the nights are getting so dark, each evening the dark creeps in a bit earlier.  Those lovely sunsets are slipping into night before I am ready to sit down and enjoy them.  The rain has put out all the wild fires so the air is clear and the red skies are gone. While pondering the dark evenings I remembered the October moon and how spectacular it can be.  The Harvest Moon speaks to my soul some how it seems to be calling me to dance. How many know what I mean?  I will be looking for it to light the nights sky, because it speaks to my prim evil soul, I love watching it rise.  I wrote this poem about the moon I hope you all enjoy it.  I have to admit somewhere deep inside there is a mystical call for me to dance; yes that glorious golden moon somehow stirs me to want to dance naked in its glow. Imagine that, how many know what I am talking about? How many actually did dance naked in the moon light?
The Moon

I stand alone in the dark
The evenings chill pierces my bones
I wait for the moon’s healing light

As a golden glow softens the night sky

Silhouettes of trees announce the moon

Its golden orb rises lighting the night sky

The night’s dark mystery broken by its glow

From the beginning of memory

The moons beauty like a surprise

Comes into view wondrous and new

The mysterious glow inspires dark tales

Stories told by fires light

Tales of mysterious people

Legends of the evil lurking in the night

The mystical moon inspires both dark and light

Tales of fear and moon struck lovers

Poets tell of love by golden moon light

The heart speaks of love and nighttime delights

The beauty of the moon stirs sweet memories

I watch its golden glow, as it settles my soul

I found love under the moons gossamer glow

Hidden in my heart sweet memories stir my blood

Memories that warms the dark of lonely nights

Tonight I rest in the moons healing light

I seek its glow to refresh my aging soul

I remember our dance so long ago

We danced under the moons golden light

We fell in love under its spell

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It rained all day today I keep looking for the sun

Seems like Fall/winter dropped in suddenly and is planning on staying, this is the first year I am already looking forwards to going south, I stayed in all day we canned plums and I made another batch of apple butter.  The pears are picked but they are not ready to can, they are beautiful this year so big but so far not ready.  Canning is something I look forwards to it is one of those seasonal duty's that prepare you for the coming winter.  I love to have my jars all lined up on the counter I leave them there for a turn so I can enjoy them when I finally do put them away I always set them up in my pantry like little soldier's on review.  Jerry brought home a flat of strawberries, the Green Store had them on sale, so tomorrow I will do strawberry jam.  I like to give our canned treasures in a basket at Christmas to family and friends we  also do Carmel corn by the bucket.
What am I doing thinking about Christmas already, I really do start early because of  all our grand children I have a special Armour that I collect gifts in all year long; I call it Grandma's mystery closet.  It always peaks the children's curiosity. 
Our youngest Katie turned 8 this last week end and I realized we are almost out of little ones the years fly by so fast.  Our oldest grand-daughter is in the hospital with major complications in her pregnancy(please send healing prays for Toby and Baby Payton their lives are in danger the baby is not due until Dec 17th)  For now the Baby is doing fine but Mom is not doing good at all; the water has broken and she is bleeding heavily I fear for her and the baby.  Toby is the grand-daughter who just ten months ago was in a horrific auto accident.  Her pelvis was broken in 3 places and ribs broken they had to use the jaws of life to get her out of the car.  They did not think she would survive.  Now here she is again struggling for her life.
There is always some thing going on in a family as large as ours; I had no idea I would have so many grandchildren it gets bumpy at times but the joys are always with us I love them all so very much and wish I could make their lives better but they have to grow on their own, learn by their own mistakes and grow strong.
We did it, there were times when I did not think I would survive but I did and with the lesson, I grew stronger and now I am the wise "old" matriarch of my family and I am so proud of all of them. 
Tomorrow after the strawberries I will get back to my quilting I have to get my Civil war quilt finished and some crafting done for the Northwest Crafters show.  I am also giving two lectures this Oct/Nov on my quilts it is always so much fun I love to talk about my quilts and tell their stories.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

APWQ meeting today

This years show was wonderful, being a part of it is a real  honor.  If you were not able to attend you missed the best show in the west--Having a show every year is a big job nothing gets done without good stronge leadership we are in the process of getting the board together we still need some key poeple to keep this wonderful show up and running.  So I am calling all intersted parties come join the fun, and what an honor
to be a part of this APWQ Quilts show, and just think next year could be even better.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So many women and people to talk to, it was incredible, there were some snafus but they were little compared to the beauty and the impact of see such beautiful quilts, there were so many different kinds exquisitely shown the venue was great the three days I spent there were exhausting but I would not trade a minute.  No I did not win a ribbon but I did get to go to the party and that is a big deal in our quilt world.
The women I met and talked to were so nice, we really are a sisterhood with a few good men.  I felt like I was part of something wonderful. I feel we all did. 
Congratulations to Elizabeth and Peggy you did a great job, with the help of so many volunteers and a hard working board it turned out great. Thank you all so much, next year is not so far away so if you are at all interested in joining the board, do let someone know we will need you.

Home from camping

We camped on at the mouth of the Sekiu river on the furthest most tip of
Washington on the Straits of Juan De Fuca brrrrr it is cold in the shadows but the sun was out everyday and we had such a wonderful time My Son lives there and I played cribbage with him and my grandson we walked on the beach and talked we eat, fresh crab and salmon lots of conversation and to top it off my Niece and her husband came up Yahoo it was so nice to see them...When we are up there agate hunting is my favorite thing to do and I went every day the agates were few and far between but I did get some really nice ones, they are all polished up and in my jar of memories of Sekiu I love to look at them and for me they are like diamonds, they are one of my special treasures.. along with my family and grandchildren.  I am a happy woman..

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston