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Friday, September 30, 2011

Speaking to your soul

How does one do that?  The process is so simple and yet so many do not know how to access their own inner being, their "soul" so to speak.  It starts with finding a place where you can sit and let your mind wander and that is just what it does at first.  They call it monkey mind and we all have it; your mind runs a muck bouncing off one thought after another.  It takes time to learn how to control the monkey mind. time to open your soul to self. Once you put that monkey away and allow your true feelings and thoughts to come out the magic happens.   Yes I am talking about the magic again, we all have access to it, yet so many never understand the wonder of meditation and what it does to self, how it strengthens you and stabilizes your well- being.  Through meditation we find our inner most feelings and needs and we are able to get them into prospective.  We grow and become better able to handle the slings and arrows of life, and we are able to set our goals and be positive about who we are. 
Now there is a danger here, if you are so insecure and you do not love yourself you could drag yourself down and slip into a pity party from which you tell yourself you are not good enough. That is self in flicking doubt  and it will just drag you down further.  Just stop it, when those negative thoughts come in speak out loud "Stop it" claim victory over self doubt push it out of your thoughts, Say it out loud; I am a worthy person and "I will succeed" "I will be okay" "I will get stronger", say it out loud if necessary.  Stand in front of the mirror and say it until you know in your heart, you are okay.   Once you have over come the dragon you will be able to control the monkey mind and begin the healing process with in. One must cleanse self and go into meditation loving self.  The key is to remember is, you are okay and worthy of respect.
I found getting the monkey mind under control gets easier each time I seek the quiet space.  I listen to the birds and I try to count how many I hear; soon the monkey is gone and my mind slips into a healing mode.
The quiet and the soft breeze sooths my soul and I drift into a mystical state of consciousness and that is where I find my inner soul speaking to me.  I can not really explain it but those quiet times strengthens me and do wonders for my well being. I am a better person because of the silence I find in those quiet times. I grow stronger and I hear my inner voice speak to me.  The quiet opens up my heart and I hear "my still small voice speak to me"  I hear Gods whisper and I know he guides my every step.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family and friends are really the frosting of life

I have lived in Gig Harbor for forty five years, for some, that is a Life time, yet it seems like just yesterday when I drove from California to Gig Harbor with my car packed with children and pets and the wonder of it all.  Crossing the old narrows bridge was a thrill, we stepped into a new world from the bustle of California suburbs to the quiet woods of the Harbor.  There was one flashing red stop light in the Harbor and no one sold corn tortas. We were a taco loving family and no taco's or burrito well I could not believe it; so the search was on. I worked it out with my sister and she mailed them to us until I was able to find a dealer, I had to learn to make my own salsa and I made it by the quart. My children now laugh about it and they call our first summer here the Burrito Summer.  When I found the farm and the "very small and old house" I knew it was right. I dug in and said this was where I wanted to raise our children, their father laughed and could not figure why I wanted it, but he did buy it for me.  I had found my house on a Hill; it had a 1/4 miles dirt road down to pavement and the bus, we were isolated and I loved it.  Alone on our hill, no neighbor children, no neighbors at all the only children that came to play were invited, it was great.  My children grew strong and healthy, we had a horse, a pony and two steers, rabbits and our dogs. My broken heart from leaving my family slowly healed and we established our home in Gig Harbor.  This September we will celebrate forty years in this house, "our new home " we built it right next door to the very little original old farm house so by selling the old farm house we had neighbors.  Highway 16 was not there and getting out off Goodnough Dr to go to church on Sunday evenings was a nightmare the old two lane Hwy 16 was always bumper to bumper on  Fridays and Sunday evenings kind of like it is now.  Gig Harbor has changed a lot and my family has grown, we have had so many happy years spent on my Hill, and so many changes.
I confess I pretend I am still on this hill by ourselves, when I look out the window in the morning and see the Olympic mountains my heart still flutters with joy, I love this property I am so happy I was able to raise my children on our hill and I will be here until the end. 
1985 Jerry moved in and this place finally became a home he loves it as much as I do.  It was a sad house  that needed care, he made it into a home warm, and full of love.  Moving or down sizing is out of the question, it would be a nightmare,  Jerry and I are collectors of stuff the house and it's five bedrooms are full and Jerry has a two story barn; no we are here to stay.  I suspect it will in the end look like one of those old homesteads over grown with rambles and I will be stumbling around the yard chasing gophers in my robe and Jerry will be in the house watching the television asleep.  Just a couple of old lovers waiting for God.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The change in the weather has really hit me

My goodness I was just getting into summer and bang it is cold and damp again, what happened to our lovely September Indian summer,  September is usually my favorite month because of the cool evenings and bright sunny days.  This has been a dreary year when it comes to the weather seemed like it was only summer for three weeks and now it is cold and wet.  I am not ready for the cold weather,  No, the year has been different from my prospective I looked at my Flowers and some never even got going and others that usually do not did well my tomatoes were small and distorted shapes the apples are doing really good and my pears are wonderful and I usually do not get any to speak of.  It has been a different year weather wise, has anyone else noticed this change or am I the only one.  I have gotten out my knee high stockings because my feet are getting cold so I guess the shorts will soon be stuck away until we go south, I am already looking forwards to doing just that.  My daughter's cancer scare has resolved she did have some but it was contanined to one area, so it will be every four months check up for her from now on she has that soft fair skin of her paternal Grandmother and so she is vonerable to skin cancer.  So dear friends what ever you do , get checked regularly it is very important.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 Sikiu Camp out

We camped on at the mouth of the Sekiu River on the furthest most tip of
Washington on the Straits of Juan De Fuca burr it is cold in the shadows but the sun was out everyday and we had such a wonderful time My Son lives there and I played cribbage with him and my grandson we walked on the beach and talked we eat, fresh crab and salmon lots of conversation and to top it off my Niece and her husband came up Yahoo it was so nice to see them...When we are up there agate hunting is my favorite thing to do and I went every day the agates were few and far between but I did get some really nice ones, they are all polished up and in my jar of memories of Sekiu. I love to look at them and for me they are like diamonds, they are one of my special treasures, along with my family and grandchildren.  I am a happy woman
The mouth of the Sekiu River, the tide is in
James--Steven & Jerry--Our Gang - Priscilla and Jim with us

We had such a wonderful time in Sekiu with my Son and his Son James

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston