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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The seasons change

Would it not be nice to loose all the fat and wrinkles in the fall and emerge in the spring lean and beautiful. The trees this fall are beautiful and then the winds of winter will blow all the bugs and leaves away and a quiet time of cold wet days will come and in the dark of winter the trees stand silent and bare; all the while their roots are storing up the nutriments to burst forth new fresh green growth. the bulbs are hiding preparing for spring's call. I guess the question is will I be ready for another spring? Will the winters cold days cause me to rest and rejuvenate? I hope so I have been so busy this summer that I hardly had time to enjoy the warm but damp weather. Was it really summer? it passed so fast it feels like I somehow missed it.
What started me thinking about trees and such? Well I just spent two hours looking through some old pictures, who was that slim woman with the bum, is it possible that was me? I wonder . Would it be possible that I could change, could I spring forth? Could I make the winter work for me, could I be like the trees and I could emerge a slimmer woman in the spring? I wonder.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hugs and Love

Today was Katie's Birthday she is my youngest grand-daughter, Katie turned seven and has lost her first tooth. She felt so grown up riding her new bike, however her older sister Kayla was terribly distressed watching her receive all the attention. She so wanted to play with sisters new toys but little sister said no, Kayla is only two years older so the new Barbie with hot tub and and all the extras were very tempting. I reminded her of all the gifts she had received on her birthday but to no avail. She slipped back into a spot where she could observe her sister and every time Katie put her gifts aside to play with the cousins, she would silently move on the new toys and fall into a state of fascination; then little sister would return and push her away. This went on all afternoon I felt so sorry for her pain, she just could not enjoy her sister's joy at being seven. Her green eyed monster was very visible. Watching young children interact has always been one of my favorite things to do, the emotional turmoil they go through establishing their territory, their place in their little society is so fragile. Little hearts are broken, as their emotions surface and tempers flair and jealouslies rise. Then Mom calls them in to have cake and ice cream and all is forgotten in a second, they sit around the table laughing and talking. It is amazing and wonderful. These trials and tribulations have gone on for centuries and most grow up finding a balancing between the silly and important things, most grow wiser and find that it was not that bad after all. Unfortunately not all children are raised in happy secure homes. Brothers and sisters either become best of friends or they become strangers never allowing understanding and love come between them...
Jealiously can gripe the heart and never goes away if one haven't expierenced love and learned how to be understanding...
Raising my three children was nothing short of total cayous at times I thought I would go crazy, as I look back I realize I loved every minute of it. They had their problems finding their way, as all of us did; but they love each other they are truly best friends.
Now I have problem, I find I am jealous when they plan a sibling week-end and I am not invited. It was hard knowing they were all laughing and having a great time together and I wasn't there. So all in all I guess a little jealousy creeps into all our lives no matter how old we are. My children learned to love each other and isn't that what we as parents strive to achive.
A childs broken heart heals when they are loved and they learn to accept disappointment, I guess this is all about family love; my parents loved me and taught me how to love, and their parents taught them; the circle of love will not be broken as long as we love each other...Hugs and love heal our wounds and a little cake and ice cream helps.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston