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Monday, April 23, 2012


We got up early and drove to Silverdale there was a nice antique show at the fair grounds, not too big just right I purchased a couple of doilies to use in making my Brides pillows/ring barrier type I use vintage lace and pretties they are very sweet.  From there we drove to Port Gamble, they have a small but very nice museum and several shops and a very nice quilt shop all in all it was a lovely day.  I Finished two quilts the week end and really messed up my work area, So here I am doing that clean up again just so I can mess it up again.  I wonder if Picasso had the same problem???? I changed the binding on this one looks better

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It has been a week and the sun is just not cooperating, we will keep at it but for some reason the cloud bank is just too big.  Anyway we are home and my tan is hidden under layers of clothing.far to many to show any signs of sunshine,  I have been doing a bit of creating, working on a APWQ's challenge almost finished and I did some brides pillows for future wedding gifts we have two young ladies next door  who will  marry this fall, nice young ladies who have chosen young men with a future and they have jobs and come from good families.  Marriage is a life long decision it brings two families together and it takes maturity and careful planning to succeed.  If the families do not join unhappy times are ahead. It is the woman who becomes the new daughter she must choose well,  she must make a wise and thoughtful choice because her choice is her legacy to her own family history, she continues the family story whether good or bad it is her choice that makes the next connection to her past.  I am proud of my family story there are many good people who have made a positive mark on our country's history, we have no criminals or thieves all have made their mark in a positive way maybe not great but they made a positive mark, doctors, attorneys, business owners, members of Parliaments, secretaries of state, judges veterans social workers, ministers laypeople, bakers, engineers, real estate land and owners all tax payers and good citizens I come from productive people who have made a positive mark on society.  I wonder how many young women realize how important their decision is to the future....Today there are so many children born out of wedlock not knowing their history and they probably never will the blood lines are broken heritage lost.  Sometimes I feel like some kind of odd ball caring about these things do they really matter anymore?  I wonder for me they do matter I want my grand children's children to have the best chance possible to succeed; families are just that they are family and they must come together and pull together for the future of the young.  I will not even go into what divorce does so good luck young lovers, you are now the keepers of the future.
My my I do not know what that had to do with the clouds anyway I am back.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Easter

We were blessed with a beautiful Easter, everything was lovely.The children are getting older but they still love the hunt, it was so much fun watching them dash around and Grandpa giving hints galore, pretty soon everybody had to jump in and help search.  This year my son brought camouflage eggs, they were really hard to find we missed one, not bad for the first time with them. I still love the colored ones best.
Easter was one of our dear friend Ethel's favorite holidays, she loved a party no matter what the occasion. She passed last March it does not seem possible she has been gone that long, we all miss her smiling face and the love she gave to each of us The little ones suggested we plant a tree for her, We have several named trees in our yard.  So they thought we should have one for Ethel she would have loved the gesture so we took time out to plant a tree in her memory, a lovely Star Magnolia, we have two already but this one will be special She will greet everyone who comes down the driveway.  I think she would be pleased.
Easter has always been a special family day, I can remember being a little girl and smelling the food cooking, my Mother would bake a leg of Lamb with mint jelly, she was a great cook and her lamb was sensational. I tried a couple of times but mine just was not the same. Jerry does not like lamb so I think that tradition died on our leg of the family.  We had a brunch, eggs Benedict, fruit, ham and sausages, and friend Jody brought some danish so we were well fed.  All and all it was just the best, only thing we could have added was having all the family here, chances are slim we will ever get them all together again.  One has moved to California, some are always working the holiday for that extra pay and life changes, but we have had the good times and our memories will sustain us.  If we are not together the love we shared each time we gathered together will never be lost it is held in our hearts, our good memories become our hearts treasure and no one can ever take those dear memories away..  Christ said we should love abundantly, we celebrated His day and honored him by loving each other abundantly.
I am truly a happy woman. I have pictures but I will have to search for them

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston