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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

A beautiful day, we had a brunch and egg hunt it was fun having the kids running about they are getting so big. I tried a new way to do the eggs for eggs Benedict I cracked them into a baking dish had the oven at 450 and slowly added boiling water to the egg. pricked each yoke and covered them, then put them in the oven and baked for just short of 20min it worked great I was able to poach 24 eggs all at once. I did use two baking dish's but it worked and all the eggs were eaten.....I am hoping to have pictures from my kids to post. Karol and her girls made a bunny cake and that was real good. All in all it was a great day but the old guy and I fell into our chairs when they left and napped the rest of the day. Having all the kids and thier kids makes me feel old. So Happy Easter everybody Be Happy

Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 Easter is coming who has the bunny?

Life is too short to have to put up with pain, dang the FMS has fired up again, I could get upset but I learned long ago it did no good. In fact it can make it worse so I grin and bare it so to speak, The thing that galls me the most is it is time to rut around the garden and my body feels like I was run over by a truck. So I will put on my overalls, knee pads and drag myself around the yard because the ground is ready and the weeds come out real easy this time of year so out I will go tomorrow. The Ebson salts are ready and waiting for that hot bath after. Simple things give so much pleasure, a hug, a wink, a hot bath and someone to love you what more do I need, nothing really I have everything I need...Healthy husband, children and a safe home. My healthy husband went to see the Doctors this week and he has now completed his sixth year cancer free, yahoo I was reading my poems I wrote while we were going through that unknown world of cancer, we were both so afraid, all the news was bad and they did not give us much hope for recovery. Now we celebrate his six years of good health. God has blessed us, and we are so thankful. I get shivers when I think of what could have happened, we were saved from that; still there is no guarantee we just trust God and do the best we can with the life we have left. Getting older is not for sissy's I look around the house and see so much that should be done and now that I am older I figure oh well and move onto another project. I could not have done that a few years ago, age does change ones attitude about the little things that used to bother me, like my windows with a cataract I can not see the dirt so I let them go. Down in my heart I know they are dirty but I really do not care enough to clean them. Maybe the fairies will come by and clean them, then again maybe not.
Well Easter is coming and the kids most of them are coming for brunch, I will do eggs Benedict and sausage and the kids will do the rest. The little children are getting older and this may be our last Easter with a hunt. I can remember when my grand-daughter Anna who is now thirty, seeing her running with her basket she ran around in circles and the other kids found the eggs, she was so cute. Jerry used to hold her on his lap and she would sing to him, making up the words as she went, a dear memory to hold on to. Is that not what life is about? making good memories, to warm the heart. We have so many good memories to hold dear and my pictures are so much fun to go through. I have a lot, I love taking pictures, and I have five boxes of photos, and I love each one so much because they are of my family and family is what I believe in...In the late 70's I thought I had lost my family, but I was wrong and my family has grown we now fill the house.
This Easter will not be the same without Ethel she was so dear to all of us, and she really loved to eat, slowly she ate so slow but she could really pack the food in, she was only 4'10'. At times she could eat Jerry under the table she would just smile and keep on eating I do not know how she did it. The way that little munchkin ate she should of had a weight problem, but not her she could probably wear one of the dresses she made in high school, what a special gal. There are times when I go to the phone and then I catch myself and I remember she has gone. I do miss her chit chat she loved people and she wanted to know everything about you. We were so lucky to have her.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The sky fell

Life is funny you think all is well and then you get blindsided when you least expect it. I am doing fine but the bump in the road hurt. One thing for sure I will not bog down I will keep going and hope the weather clears if not I will wear a black rain coat and boots but I will keep going there are too many good things in my life, one bump does not make a crisis, it is just a bump, one bump that I can not fix, so I move on.

Have you ever tried to make something and it just does not go right, I am doing a Challenge "A Doll" so far I have made six hands and none work so tomorrow I start again, it is those itty bitty fingers, I get three right and two wrong or four right and one wrong I am beginning to settle for mittens at this rate I may call her Fickle Finger Jane.

I just realized the cut off date for the APNQ's quilt show in Tacoma is April 28Th if I am going to show I have to sign up this week. So if anyone of you are interested go to the Web:APNQ.org and sign up

Now you locals; the Gig Harbor Library has a show for the full month of April. It is a great little show the Monday Quilters do this every spring they set a challenge and this years was to depict a Movie, you can not believe the creative skills in that little group the quilts are wonderful so drop by you will not be sorry.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Life is a mystery and a surprise, each day brings a new experience some good or sometimes bad. When our hearts are broken, and we feel the sting of lose. We make a choice even when the sadness is seemingly unbearable we choose. We are truly in charge of our destiny; even when the sadness is over whelming; the weight of grief is the worst it throws your chemical balance off and depression can set in. The sad truth is some never get over their grief, they carry it around their necks like a badge of honor, they slip into a deep hole of depression...and the hole gets deeper and deeper until they can not escape. Once anchored in self pity; recovery becomes overwhelming...but not impossible.

What is it that makes that difference? why are some people so resilient? True they seem to stride through life never showing their scars always ready to start over they seem unafraid of life or is it death that makes the difference? What we have learned and what we accept, our belief system, that is what makes the difference. When you have faith, a core belief that there is more beyond this life, when you have that belief you are not afraid to go on. You carry the sadness but you go on because you know we are eternal and our walk is only temporary. What our life experience will be is a mystery, sometimes it is very rough on the soul, and other times the joy is beyond belief it is all temporary life keeps changing yet it is never the end.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston