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Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting the blog ready for open studio just practicing, trying to get some pictures but having trouble so this is trial and error

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Numbers -- This is for Larkin

I feel number one is the most relevant, I’ll explain, you see when your not number one to yourself you are not whole and can not truly be creative from your soul. Until you know yourself and accept who you are, you are bending with whatever wind comes your way. Accept where you are now and find comfort within. By being number one to self, you can find peace and be comfortable alone. If one has not found that singular self there will always be someone or something that rules you. Sadly for so many they give their all but never seem to hit the mark, they give, and give and only find frustration in the gesture, no real joy or satisfaction. Once you are aware, so to speak about who you are and are truly happy in your own skin you find a peace that allows you to be effective in everything you do. . Yes, we have the power to change but many are incapable because of destructive self-criticisms that warp their center. We all wish for different circumstances in life, we all have had heart break and at times felt shame, loneliness or despair, those who understand these incidences were just happenings, “not who they are” those are the “ # one’s” they understand they are not the crisis and are free and move on. They take the bumps and move on with an inner knowledge there is something better ahead.
Therefore, number one is most important number to self...

I am not forgetting God he of course is the true number one but he is so far beyond the simple explanation I will not go there.

Monday, August 16, 2010

APWQ Synposium in Olympia

WARNING do not stop by "Shipwreck Beads" before going anywhere, it could be a costly mistake, and never go back on the return trip OMG I now have a really big collection of beads.

Now a great big wow for the APWQ Symposium. Four days on the Olympic College campus in Olympia, days full of quilting and wonderful camaraderie with a great bunch of ladies we had so much fun. We also had great teachers I learned so much, many new techniques and tricks of our trade it was worth every penny. I came home and found it hard to stay in the room with my wonderful husband all because I wanted to be in my studio working on my new skills, fortunately he is a very loving man and understands my compulsion to quilt and create something beautiful. he is a wonder and very patient with his addicted wife. He truly understands me and is always scratching his head in confusion about what I might do next.
What will I do next? After taking three classes I now have three new projects to work on and I want to finish all of them "now" if you know me very well you know I am a bit compulsive so deciding which to do first is hard I really want to get them all finished so I can look at them, touch them and wonder at how they turned out. That is a big part of my quilting experience just looking at my finished piece, maybe mentally even picking it apart using each new piece as a tool to enhance my learning curve to do better work. Taking a quilting holiday is the ticket if you are a quilt-a-holic like I am. Quilts are my passion (aside from Jerry of course) and I am a walking testimonial to my addition and it is so much fun, I am really a happy camper so to speak, I love my life, my family, my friends and my quilts the cats fit in there somewhere. If you ever have a chance to go on retreat or symposium do it, do it for yourself do it for your family you will not be sorry. Thank you. To all the wonderful volunteers who made the trip a success. Oh did I say Jody went with me she is a slave driver, she got me to class every time on time and was always waiting to make sure I was going where I was supposed to. She also drove right to Shipwreck Beads twice, it is all her fault I am now the proud owner of so many beads. Love you Jody you are the best traveling companion a quilter could have.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston