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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The weather has been great, but I fear our flora and fona needs water our ground here on the hill is very porous we do not get mud puddles or standing water, that is unless the Shoomchuck River floods then the field fills and we have a nice duck pond for a few days, other wise any rain water is quickly absorbed so surface water for our trees and shrubs depends on the rain.  I am sure the rains will come but isn't lovely all this warn sunshine.  Our plums are ready and today I made plum butter which seems like syrup so maybe I made plum syrup I seasoned it with lavender, it gives a interesting flavor to my butter/syrup.

Jerry has been busy making little tables for our neighbor's daughters who are getting married they were just little girls when they moved in; three beauties they became and the traffic on our drive increased when the boys were old enough to drive, now that they have grown and are on their own our old road is slowly returning to pre-Hemley girls traffic. 
I have been sitting here watching the moon set  casting it's glow across the water and it looked like this picture I took earlier this week of a hazy sunset.  I also made a couple more prayer flags they are fun to make simple little futzes but fun.  My current project is putting the exchange Christmas blocks together, it is beginning to take shape turns out to be bigger than the throw I had envisioned I ended up with twenty 12 1/2 in blocks by the time I get the sash on it will be a twin. 
                           It is five AM I tried to go to sleep but could not  so I got up I can not see laying there awake and doing nothing so hopefully I will get sleepy soon and can get some sleep.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apples & google what a life

I have changed my google account password daily for about a week, I do not know what is wrong or how to fix it...At the moment I believe it is fixed but my gut says next time I log in I will have trouble again,.  Anyone else having trouble???Wow I refuse to pass it off to my age, but I am beginning to suspect something mysterious is sabotaging  my brain what ever it is it is nice to be back on my blog.

These warm sunny days are wonderful I worry about me trees, are they getting enough water etc etc so each day I am out there making sure each one has a bit,,,The apple trees are heavy with fruit,.  We have already made apple sauce,four pies and four packages of apples ready to make pie.  This is our first attempt at freezing the apples all cut and ready for pie.  I hope they work, well even soft apples make good pie right?  Now I have my apples picked for apple butter, I am also going to attempt Plum butter with maybe a little lavender as spice sounds good to me Jerry is a bit pensive and wrinkles his noise but we will try it anyway...We will be canning for some time now as the apple trees do not all drop at the same time, our winter hard apples will not be ready for at least a month they are the last to drop....As for the pears there just is not enough to can last year was a bumper crop but not this year.  The plums are so heavy on the tree that I am worried about the branches breaking, Jerry has put some poles up but the tree is so heavy it is impossible to do them all.
Now the freezer is getting very full Jerry has also picked about 3 gallons of black berries for syrup I am hoping to get a pie out of the deal but for now it is syrup first. pie later.   It sure is nice to have a helper in the kitchen at canning time it has it's draw backs also--Jerry is a big guy and when he is at the sink there is no room for me it is a true test of our wills to work together it just is not in our make up to work together I guess love is a big factor in our getting along, without it well it would not be pretty. 
Hey you all how about a comment once in awhile I just love them.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red hat luncheon

We had a great time at the Canterwood dinning room service was great and everyone enjoyed their lunch.

S T I T C H is at it again

Janet;s Momo chrom purse
Barbara's first time with mono chromatic colors
Our Art group is thriving, this month we did Prayer Flags -- That's Tibetan Prayer Flags our gathering was very interesting besides the prayer flags we got to share and support each other,  it is a good group with many strong wonderful ladies in it.  It is wonderful to be a part of a group of people of like mind, well not in everything but we come together to be a group of ideas and working together, learning  together. As time passes we will pull together as friends and we will share our life walk.

Anna's landscape "Wow"

My prayer Flags
Have you ever seen Elenor Peace Bailey speak? she is so relaxed and full of whimsy, a great story teller and creative in all ways kind of gal.  Well she is retiring and we (Gig Harbor Quilters) were honored to have her with us for three days, Weds she spoke at our regular meeting and then had her first class Thursday, and a second on Friday...I attended theguild meeting and first day class and it was so much fun, she inspires creativety, one thing she did was the faces of some of our dolls, mine is Charlotte of  Canterwood, she is not as wild and crazy as the others but she is a bit too sophisticated for the usual Elenor crowd. anyway there was something for everybody especially lots of fun.
We had a great time with Elenor
Charolloe of 'canterwood

Monday, September 10, 2012

Report om APWQ

I have not been the same since I was honored to work the APWQ Show  It started on Thursday with the awards ceremony and members preview, Oh My gosh the show was fabulous
and the talent and skill that was presented in the show was great.
I was especially over whelmed by the members Color challenge, there must have been 40 20x20 quilts all lined up on the back wall all used  the same fabric and instructions.  all I can say is "Wow" the variety of quilts and techniques was amazing each quilt was unique and varied, this was my favorite part of the show because it was the members, speaking as one we really are a talented group of kindred spirits.  This year as some of the vender's left the building they made a point to tell us how much they enjoyed the show, business must have been good.
I was able to be a part of the Fashion show it was so much fun my dear friend Trish Dolge came with me and helped with  my changing, she also did my hair, make-up and she even changed my lipstick color for each outfit  I must admit I felt like a queen. The fashion show was sold out so they made room at the back for ten more fans.  My Granddaughter took the pictures they are a bit fuzzy.  My outfits were a bit over the bar but they were well received and they made a good balance for the viewer.
Lorriane Torrence

Anyway I worked the four days and I came home beat, could not even talk about it until the next morning.  All in all a good time was had by all.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston