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Saturday, March 26, 2011



Norwegian you know

Blue eyes always shining

Always dressed with a smile

She was smart as a whip

Strong willed and strong bones

She was one of five beauties

Some say she was a runt

It is true she was small but her spirit was tall

Duane was smitten the first time he saw her

He knew she was the one

A smart guy that one

She was honest and loyal to those she loved

Her word was her creed

Once you met Ethel a friend you would always be

Ethel was moxie she always dressed to a tee

What a great friend she was to me

True friends never really leave

They are forever tucked away in our hearts

Ethel was part of our story

She was a ray of sunshine a treasure to each one of us

Ethel’s memory will walk with us each day

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A friend forever

We were gone for two weeks and there is so much I want to write about. I used over 700 minutes on my cell phone because of a medical emergency here in Washington, my dearest friend Ethel Johnson fell and had a massive heart attack, actually we do not really know what came first, it was a horrific week. My daughters stood in for me and they were wonderful staying the night and rotating coverage so someone was with her and helping her in her final walk, the stress and her heart would not allow for recovery and she passed Monday morning the 7th. A bright shiny star has stepped into heaven, she will be missed by all who knew her. Even in her weakened state she still smiled right up to the end, she was a special friend and everyone who knew her is saddened by her loss. We are making plans for her service this coming Saturday.
Family and friends are our treasures here on earth, they bring so much into our lives making hard times not so bad because they are there to support and comfort us...They enrich our lives,
I have lost several good friends quite a few actually but having known them was so special I thank God I had them as long as I did. How empty life would be without friends and a loving family...There is so much unhappiness out there, values are distorted, loyalty and honesty is hard to come by but when you have a true friend the world changes for the better. I hear those who lament about not having children or grandchildren and I say adopt some there are people out there that are lonely and would love to have you as a friend, when we first moved up here from California we had no family we found another couple who also shared our dilemma they had no family here so we got together and shared some of the best Holidays ever, those first Christmases in Washington were wonderful and I carry the memories to this day. There is so much to gain by sharing your time and self with someone who is alone. Yes, it is another one of my truisms that "when you reach out to someone, you get so much more than you can ever give", it is one of Gods blessings and we have opportunities around us everyday, It just takes a smile, an invite and gift of self and love grows. Friendship begins with a smile and Ethel really knew how to smile she was so dear to me and my family we will miss her because she was one of ours she was family, and she loved us that was her gift to us...I will talk about this more later Please let me know what you think about this blog, share your thoughts please leave a comment.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston