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Monday, September 20, 2010

Whirl Wind week end is history

What a lovely time I had, first there was Artist Open Studio Tour this was my first year and it turned out to be such fun. My Husband Jerry and our three daughters all pitched in and helped to make it a great memory. So many nice people came to visit "my studio" well actually it is just my sewing room but they all seemed to really enjoy the tour and it was wonderful having so many people validate my eclectic quilting skills what a bust to ones ego. I had a great time showing off my work and meeting so many nice people, having our girls there was just the frosting on the cake.
Then Saturday night they auctioned off the Herons at a Gala dinner even thou I was so tired from the Open Studio Tour we closed the tour at 5:00 and dashed to the auction by 5:30 it was so exciting watching the Heron go on the block, even with the economy down they made over 30k on the auction, my Heron went for $1300.00 which was good there were a few that went over, one went for $3200. it was such a good cause, it would have been great to have them all go that high but alas you takes what comes your way and everyone had a great time. They had a live band and dancing but I was far too tired to shake a leg I was lucky I had Jerry to drag me home by 1:30am to rise again to another day of Open studio and special time with the girls. So all the preparations and work of planning the week-end, it is now over and life will go back to normal, the truth be known I am so ready for some quiet down time. Naps sound so appealing I am going to set my sights to mastering the afternoon nap with my love, that just plane sounds wonderful at this time in my life so for now Be Happy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seasons change

The flowers are blooming out and it will not be long and we will be looking at the fall leaves instead, but while they are here I am going to enjoy them. September always brings the beautiful sunsets oh how I love to look out our windows and watch the sun set in a golden sky I feel this is the best time of year the air is cool and crisp and the sun throws long shadows across our little bit of heaven. I love this time of year, my mind wanders to baking, apple pies, bread and pot roast I find I want to clean the windows to let more sunshine in and cleaning the light fixtures the glass on them seems so necessary there is nothing like a shiny chandlier catching the fall beams of light as they dance across the room. Our house faces the southwest and we get the evenning sun so nice on those long winter afternoons, there is a stand of trees growing just south of the house and they will eventually block the winter sunsets but for now they are in their splender and I will work on getting my love to trim those trees before they get too large. This week he was on the barn roof nailing down the roof flashing at the ridge of the roof oh my I was so worried about him up there he was doing fine, but his feet were tangeling up in the rope he had strung from the otherside of the barn to where he was working,. I know he used to climb telephone poles but we are older and dancing around on the barn roof is not where he should be.
I have to admit he looked really good in his jeans with that tool belt on way up there so high working like the old days, he was mighty handsome to this old girls eyes, I love that man and I felt a lot better when he was finally on the ground. So goes the exciting life we live here on our little bit of heaven. The barn roof is fixed and we settle in for long evenings by the fire, winter is coming on fast ans summer seems to have rushed by without us...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oops I lost half of my blog info here is an update

First of all I lost my Heron picture so I had to retrieve him and the info lost, please click on him and see the larger version he is so beutiful. He will be auctioned off this coming Saturday night Sept 18th at the Gala auction to benefit art in the schools. I hope he makes a bundle for the kids, I am so proud to be part of this worthy project, the goal entails putting together teams of artist who will go into the schools to teach art, the understanding and appreciation as well as doing hands on projects with the kids. The goal is to help young people find their creative spirits, to give them hands on experience in various mediums and to help them understand color and what it means to create art.
I call my Heron "Gig Harbor's Peacock" because he is made with recycled glitzy fabrics from my stash of wonderful vintage clothes the fabrics and colors are from days gone bye when ladies dressed for all special occasions to the "T' so to speak. He is all ready to find a new home where he can be displayed and enjoyed for years to come. I promised Jerry I would not bid on him, I have been known to bid on my creations, I can not help it there are just those special ones I can not let go of, but not this time a promise is a promise and I will keep this one, it will be hard but I will do it. So wish us luck and that he finds a wonderful new home. where he will be loved for years to come.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston