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Thursday, November 14, 2013

So "Busy" this last week

My dear cousin Gail from California came up to do the Seattle Christmas show at the Seattle Convention Center what fun we had, my daughter Laura and her family invited us to stay at her home in Sammamish, a lovely home good beds and happy times were had by all.  The commute was hair raising and full adventure but we did it.  THE PROFITS WERE NOT THERE SO THIS WILL NOT BE A YEARLY EVENT, there were so many people but sales were low, we had fun anyway.

 Then to top off the week our Stitch group went on an adventure to Bainbridge Island for the Fiber Arts show 24 women artist of the Northwest were featured and low and behold my niece Diane Novillo's jewelry was featured, how fun is that.  Only six of the twelve went but we had a great time getting ideas for future work, I must say it does not take much to inspire we arty folks, then of course there was the shopping. I was a bit under the weather so my shopping was limited.  I slept for four hours straight when I got home, all in all it was a lovely day.  I love my Stitch pals we plan on many trips this coming year.

It all comes down to time and energy, now that I have the time my energy is weak, I have so many ideas my head swims in them but doing it is another thing, oh well such is life.

We have a new Quilt shop in Gig Harbor and I had to remind myself I had more fabric than I could possibly finish, but I know I will return with check book in hand, the shop is colorful and bright a nice place to spend a little chit chat time.  Good Luck ladies you are doing a great service for us quilters.

Check out this great visual idea. Using color crayons my granddaughter made these on art canvas frames they are so bright and fun. So simple and visual. old crayons  (all the same brand) are glued to the frame then using a blow dryer with the flat attachment they are melted and she added the silhouettes so simple and fun.
Our STITCH art/quilt show is still at the Gig Harbor Library it will hang until Dec 3rd do go and see it, I am so proud to be in this group, it is a learning experience just watching them interact. To be a part of this group of women is inspiring and an honor.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston