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Thursday, January 30, 2014

oops there I go again

Today was one of those days, when everything I did was one step off sync
Just a tiny bit, seems every word and gesture was off a bit.  It still was a good day.  Housekeeper came and did her duty, that was the beginning.  Then a meeting of friends; I call it a circle, I love it when friends come together and form a circle and open their hearts for a good bit of verbal intercourse.  We shared our ideas and thoughts and a really good cup of "strong" coffee with a couple of cookies and our hearts opened as the afternoon flew by.  We planned our next meeting, then a warm parting was shared with hugs and blessings.  I picked up dinner one of Jerry's favorite take homes, he was both hungry and happy, score one for me.  We shared our special meal then a nap until it was time to go to another meeting,  I must say driving in the driving rain at night is not what it used to be, but I made it both ways, for I am woman
I gave a talk last Saturday about Women and their quilts in the eighteen hundreds, how different our lives are.  Are our lives today the same? my question is were they really that different.  We carry the same capacity to love and our hearts are broken in the same way, we have medications for depression but the depressions are just as real and our isolations are just as lonely, we have so much more material wise but to me the women of the frontier knew who they were and what was expected of them.
The young women of our time are searching for identity, to make their mark, find a man but they are not sure they want marriage.  To have children is not the honorable thing to do or the goal of a young woman....yet they feel the calling of motherhood as they grow beyond the child rearing age and see a lonely old age approaching.  Family is a put down mothers and fathers have disappointed them and the future of a happy ever after seems unreal.  With all of that uncertainty I still feel we are the same, you see when it comes to our need to share we need the fellowship of other women, our young women are missing that coming together, of connecting to the sisterhood of other women whether older or of the same age.  We need that sharing because we share a inner wisdom it comes out when we come together in a circle as we talk of life.  We see it in the journals of women of old and in centuries to come they will read our journals and know of our deep concerns and dreams. They will see our connections.
My friends are now wives, widows, mothers, grandmothers and sisters most of our mothers are gone and we have become the matriarchs of our families. As I see it we are a continuation of the first circle of women who huddled together around an open fires. We share the same kinship, friendships and loves, we are all sisters with a capacity to love and nurture; our task is as it always was to bring forth the next generation; to love and teach the young  to be the be compassionate and to teach them how to love.  We must teach our younger sisters about what being a woman is, and we must always walk proud, because we belong to "The Sisterhood" and we have one of the most important jobs on earth.  Being a woman is an honor, I love getting together and sharing with my lady friends, there is always so much wisdom and knowledge freely shared and we all grow from the experience.
Well the question is how was my day well all in all it was a good day..

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yahoo What a Great Game we won by the seat of their pants

I was out numbered three to one, but we ate well, wonderful dip of seven layer Mex and corn chips, watermelon.  Pizza and apple pie and a win what more can we ask for.
Father, Son and Grandson good men spending time watching the game, doing some shooting, the breeze you know, they are all good guys and fun to listen to as they talk about camping and the summer plans, and hooping and hollering over the game.
I played with my quilts, getting them ready for a lecture next Saturday at PLU.

Days pass and I am finally ready for the PLU Show and Tell for the New Western Washington Quilt Study Group. My friend Susan came and help put it all together what a doll she is. It will be fun sharing my quilts from 1860 to 1910, there will be time for others to bring their quilts of the era, I have to admit quilts made during this period of our countries development are my favorite so much was happening. So many changes so very fast, I have quilts made when Custer died and the transcontinental Railroad was connected and the Civil war, the telegraph I like to tell how it was used during the war allowing Lincoln keep in contact with his Generals so many changes and we take it all for granted.  Well wish me well it is going to be fun, only problem, I have to leave home at 8:45 and as you all know I do not do mornings, but for quilts I think I can.

A dear friend  Erlene Smarr died this week she was almost 90 a quilting sister, a gentle spirit who for the last couple of years slipped into a world of her own.  Her family are bringing her quilts as they gather to say their good-byes she left them love and hugs in those quilts, she made one special for each family member how special is that.
How wonderful to be able to wrap up in a quilt made just for you, a quilt to comfort you when you feel sad and know that the maker loved you.
Thank you Erlene for being the dear soul and friend you were to all who knew you

Flying Free

The little birds trust God
For they go singing from Northern woods
Where autumns winds start to blow
They travel south for a winters rest to await springs call.
Then with joyous faith they follow unmarked pathways
Winging to summers lands of songs
Winging to the unknown
Let us go singing and no longer cry
Since we know our times are in His hands
Why should we weep and fear while others call it dying
It's merely flying free to a far off land of summer


Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston