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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

I love seeing my Jerry with his kids, and the grandchildren he takes on this glow and his voice changes, it becomes softer and he listens to every word. He is so happy in their presence and they all adore him. I am lucky to have been invited into their circle of love, it is a wonderful place to be. Jerry is a father first before all else his children came first, when he was raising them before our marriage his concern for their welfare was the reason I fell in love with him. My children's father was too full of himself to be overly concerned about his children, that was my job. Yes it was my job and it was a job I took very seriously. I could understand Jerry's concern and devotion to his children we spoke the same language, we shared the same concerns, I know I am the same way when my children are around I am mesmerized with their conversations and laughter I love just sitting back and watching them interact with their children.
I remember the first time I saw my son Steven, my first born, I knew him in that moment, I recognized him I knew him and he was mine, I changed from a young woman to a mother that very moment. Raising my three children was my commission, I became a teacher, a care giver I became what ever was needed and when they were ready to step out into the world on their own I had to let go. I raise three independent individuals my role changed and I had to let go, now I do the same thing Jerry does I wait for a call or a visit and I am thrilled when they do call. My heart swells with pride when I watch them, they are my gift to the world and it is a better place because they are here. Mind you they are not perfect they are just good people they are my tribe, they take part of me with them into the future. So whether it is Fathers day or Mothers day we are thrilled to have any excuse what so ever to be with our children. Today was Fathers day and we enjoyed every minute of it, but at the end of the day we hold hands and return refreshed with love and we are happy to be able to return to normal, the house is now quiet, just right for a nap or a good read or maybe some quilting we are refreshed and happy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

June is not busting out all over

It is cold and wet even the slugs are having trouble getting from puddle to puddle, however they have found every one of my squash. I tuck them here and there around the yard and hope for the best, I have lost all of them this year, my dear friend with a green thumb came by today with a new supply of cukes and zucks, it is too late for any pumpkins to mature but if we get a couple of warm days maybe I will a little crop. My tomatoes are still alive but have stopped growing, they also await the sun. It is funny how our mood changes with the suns arrival. Here in the Pacific NW when the sun shines it is glorious, it takes your breathe away. yet when the sun does not shine there is still beauty but nothing compared to when the sun shines. Today was such a grey day even the cats stayed in and slept all day rather then venture out into the rain.
This morning I watched a little chipmunk scamper about the deck somehow he knew the cats were in and it was safe, I say a prayer for his safety each morning, he is so cute and reckless he may have a short life.
I am recovering from my surgery, and I am getting cabin fever, I have visions of escaping in my new car and driving somewhere, anywhere, but alas I just do not have the energy to do it, so I pick away at my quilting and dream of the wind in my hair and my radio blasting good old rock n roll music as I drive somewhere, anywhere in my new green turtle car.
Oh well tomorrow is Fathers day lets hope we have a dry day, so to all of you have a Happy Fathers day

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston