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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Heart is crushed from this Godless act.

I need to vent, this of course is not politically correct but it is how I see it and I can not hold this in I have watched how our society has deteriorated and how God's principles are denied everyday in our media, now we are all shocked and dismayed about this horrendous act and we all ask why? how did we get to this? 
Knowing that there is evil walking shoulder to shoulder with our children everyday, has become so real to each of us; what do we do to protect ourselves and the innocent? How do we stop it from exploding and doing it's evil on innocent people who are doing their everyday activities? 
Who knew in their gut that this boy was dangerous surely someone knew he was a  menus and was dangerous to those around him.  Did the mother turn her head, and not face the reality of who her son was.  So many questions, so many warning signs ignored, how do we become more pro-active?
At this point in America the young criminal's rights are more important than the law abiding innocent citizens and their children's.
In  this society that does not acknowledge evil, but blames the actions of a young predators, on other influences, stating that he has been injured by others.  Personal responsibility is not required, Citizens in this progressive society do not acknowledge sin, evil or possible possession by demeans, Satan or even Hell; because they are not connected to God's principles.  Any thought of God in our schools inspires law suits that are judged in favor of the lawless who deny the presence of God or the mention of God in our schools.
Mental illness is blamed on additions, parents and everything other than the fact that there are people who are not socially adjusted and are not able to function in society without endangering the lives of others.  They must be held and restrained for the protection of others, but no their rights supersede the rights of the innocent victims of their wrath.
We need to teach Godly principles in the schools  along with personal responsibility for our actions.  Judges who turn the other cheek and ignore the reality of the violent nature of the young perpetrator's actions and they release them back into society.  Sending them back into the school system because it is their right to go to school, ignores the fact that they will hurt others sooner or later. They are releasing these dangerous people back into our communities and neighborhoods, they always give the young criminals a slap on the hand and turn them loose on society to work out their problems without any acknowledgement of the need to change the hearts of these young criminal's.  Spiritual teaching is a tool that changes the hearts of the cruel and mean spirited people, whether they are young and old. but it is not allowed in our schools.
God's word changes the heart and gives a meaning to kindness to others, it teaches the lessons of the bible, it teaches personal responsibility.
There are thousands of non-union teachers, mentor's Godly members in our communities that could take up the slack and become mentors to these young heathens.  It is not allowed, "no" Christian principles, the Jewish teachings of the Torah and other religious leaders are banded from schools not allowing them to teach the principles of God. The children who are members of families who do not attend church never hear, "Thou shall not kill","Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" or "thou shall not steal" "turn the other cheek" and that "God will punish those who sin and do harm to others" no everything must be politically correct.
The Godless rule over faith and goodness and there is no punishment for bad behavior...The mean and cruel kids are put back into the class rooms with innocent children, because it is the "law".  This leaves the innocent venerable to the influence of the bad seed.
This is crazy these children need to separated from the innocent and given in depth training or containment before they can return to the class rooms..  The troubled child must not be allowed to continue to develop into a killer.  If they continue to develop these criminal behaviors then they must be institutionalized to protect the innocent people who live their lives as law abiding citizens in our society. They must not be released into our communities to do their Godless deeds, our innocent and aged citizens must be protected.  That means we have to change our ways and acknowledge evil when we see it and take action against it to protect the innocent.
My heart breaks when I think of the empty beds these little ones once filled with joy and giggles and their parents and families who are now struggling to cope.  You never get over the lose of a child, a mother carries that grief to her grave, as well as those fathers and siblings, their lives will never be the same. Will yours?
Will you remember these innocent defenceless souls?  Are you going to fight for or against gun rights? "Guns are not the problem".  Will you speak up and get our school regulations changed so that troubled children are not put in with innocent children, did you know that when a young sex offender is transferred to another school his or her records are kept secret, the offenders rights supersede the rights of the other children and their parents.
You do not house wolves with the lambs, today the rights of wolves are more important then our lambs.  If a child is incorrigible why should we be forced to have that child be in the same room as the well behaved child.  Oh my goodness I could go on and on but the bottom line is we can no longer turn our backs when we see a problem child; somebody knew that young man was dangerous and they did nothing.  Or was it that they could do nothing, that is what has to be changed, we have to change the way we think about evil and the mentally ill.  We must act accordingly to protect our society, it was not the guns that killed these people it was a mentally deranged young man, a Godless man, an evil man, a coward of a man who choose to attack the defenceless.  He went into a school where guns were not allowed knowing there would be no one armed to protect the innocent he knew he would be able to do his deed without resistance and when there was resistance he like the coward he was killed himself.  It was too late to save those little angels to late to save the innocent.
Are we going to just put this aside and forget or are we going to stand up and say no more, no more.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston