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Monday, August 29, 2011

After glow from the Pacific West quilt Show in Tacoma--Wow

Wow is all I can say it was a wonderful show, the quilts were exquisite the best I have ever seen, but the best part was working with and meeting so many wonderful people, you see volunteers made the show, as a Association member we were the glue that made it work, being the first one in Tacoma there were some bumps they were little compared to the beauty and greatness of the show, it was the best. Elizabeth Spanning deserves a hand for doing so much to make it all happen she was the whip, the glue the support for all of us who did our best to fill all the spots that needed covering, she deserves a yahoo from all of us.  My Dragon Vest made it to the show but no ribbon the winners were over the top I feel special just having mine stand with the winners I feel like a winner.  Congratulations to all the winners and all that stood with them the judges had a big job there were so many who should have had a ribbon but not enough catagories, just being in the show made you feel like a winner, yahoo to everyone who helpped to make it a great show. Thank you to all who helpped to make it happen.  Happiness is getting to know Lynn I hope we stay connected

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No matter how hard you try - know there is always someone to put you down

The important thing is how you handle it, I mean the slings and arrows aimed at your ego, the put downs and general rudeness towards you, it could even be ignoring you they are all aimed at you and they all hurt...I usually ignore the little digs or put downs but today they went straight to my core. I had two today.
The first one just made me mad, I was ready to cut the ties walk away but I reasoned to not do anything and just wait,  Acouple of weeks ago told my granddaughter to just walk away when someone is trying to pick a fight, nothing is worth the energy lost in conflict, just turn away.  Believe me it is not easy but in the long run it is the best and only thing to do. 
I basiclly got over the first one and bang again broadsided by direct and general rudeness, I could not believe it.  It was a true insult, I could have made an issue of it but my heart said no;" when things go wrong do not go with them " Old saying of mine so I walked away.  It takes time to get over a direct insult, this is something I will have to work on.  It made me both mad and ready to fight so I just walked away, seathing and it was not easy walking away from a situation I did practice what I preach.  For me it will take sometime for me to forget but I do forgive both parties.
My soul is the only thing I can not control, wouldn't it be nice if everybody loved and cared about you and your needs.  Yes, wouldn't it be lovely.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Association of Pacific West Quilters 2011 Quilt Show is coming Yahoo

Yes everybody the really big show is coming this August 25th, 26th 27th and 28th--Thats right in Tacoma Washington so mark your calenders and call up your friends - come have some fun with other quilters. If you volunteer for some floor time or other helping hand your entry fee is free so get crack-en we are going to have A REALLY GREAT SHOW THIS YEAR , you do not want to miss it.  Go to our Web Site APWQ and sign up for a great time and fellowship, also check out the Saturday mini classes they are going to be great little bits of insight and techniques to take home and try.....See you there.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston