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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friends are lifes frosting

I gave a talk recently sharing my antique quilts and their stories to a local Guild, as I talked about a signature quilt I had, detailing how little I knew about the quilt and the many signatures that were on the quilt dated "1899 ladies Aid society bought by R T Fryer for his wife" that was all I knew. A friend was sitting in the back of the room she lit up with great smiles and she was surely hopping in her seat; after my talk she came to me and told how much she loved genealogy and could she please do some checking into this quilt, I have five different ones and she wanted to see what she could find out about the people who made the quilts. All I can say is yahoo she is a wonder. She took the first one and found out where it was made, the year, the families represented on the quilt and the local history of the town and counties around it. there were 273 signatures and many are all relatives of R. T. she took photos of each signature and the one X and started a six month journey into the past. She has finally finished R T's quilt it is all cataloged into a binder three inches thick. She is still working on the other four. The work she has done equals hundreds of hours of work and a passion for genealogy far more fierce than mine for quilts, the glowing smile on her face is so wonderful, you just feel good all over listening to her talk about what she has found and the excitement of the hunt. Friends are so special and when they share a common passion mountains can be moved. The quilt is old and tattered but now with the history that goes with it. A treasured piece of history that I will some day give to the towns Historical society and R T Fryer's family will remain an important piece of history. Thank you so much Sue you are a treasured friend.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston