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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a surprising day this turned out to be my "color" picture is on the front page of our local newspaper GATELINE.com and to add frosting to the cake there is a second color picture on page 6 it is all about the Gig Harbor Quilt Walk not to be mistaken for the Gig Harbor Quilt Festival they are two different events, the money raised in the GHQW goes to the Gig Harbor Quilt Guild and GHQF donations go to local Breast Cancer Patients...none the less they are great events and they promote the art of quilting and my part is to give a lecture at the Gig Harbor Historical Museum on The History of quilts, their care and preservation. I feel tingles all over and I am afraid and thrilled all at the same time oh and of course nervous and full of inadequate feelings all at once.
Do all stars feel this way? Hee Hee
Anyway they are both worth going to there is so much to do to put on events like these and it is all volunteers from this in this small city, we all
care about each other and the love of quilting holds us together. So come one came all and visit our little town

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh ,by the way the quilt behind me is 'Cats on Safari", the quilting is by Kim Stotsenberg, (THATSEWNSEW)I kidding say she must of had a PARTY doing it because it is so fun and whimsical she really out did herself, I wish she were closer, but hey, we have facebook and blogs, there is no reason not to stay connected no matter where you are you can still feel close to friends and family. Yes blogging is fun now I hope somene blogs me. Hello out there I'm waiting--I'm not sure how to access them, but with a little help from my friends and family I'll find them. I'll be looking for your blog. Be Happy Delaine
I am slowly learning about blog ownership, this is my first attempt and I know the pictures are very big but for the life of me I can's get them smaller. The weather has changed the wind and rain is here hopefully just for a few days, we have had such a wonderful summer so much sunshine my feet even have a tan line. I get sun fever, so I do not sun bath, I just get brown even through my clothes on a sunny day..I get moldy in the rain., or is that moody? Must be the California Girl coming out. oh dear that was a long time ago "Califonia Dreaming" driving with all the windows open and going down to the river to swim, swinging on the old rope into the murky Sacramento River, jumping off bridges. "Those were the Days MyFriend we thought they'd "NEVER" end" those oldies were great for driving in the California sun. The kids today drive with those thumping throbbing boom boxes type music, I know we were loud but never so loud you could hear us coming a quarter mile away. For me it was mostly good clean fun. Wow! Did that really happen to me it was so long ago I feel like I read it somewhere.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston