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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today was my day; I celebrated my 70th birthday with my family. A couple were missing Steven, Ernie, Lisa, Hailey, Anna, James,Toby and Wyatt they were sorely missed the circle is never complete without all the ones I love, all the ones I call mine.
What a wonderful life I have had, the lessons were worth the sadness that came with them yet the joy that followed, well I would never have missed the joy.
Jerry my love brought stability to my life he is such a gentle loving man my family grew with him and so did my capacity to love he brought so much to my world.
Tonight I Savior the day, My day, whether I have another matters not to me. My life experience is over flowing with good memories and today was one of the best.
Thank you for the Ferry ride, the aquarium and dinner at Elliott’s and a great Ferry ride home. To top it off , there was time with the little girls; Kayla had her first Cribbage lesson as Sister Katie watched; the tradition continues. The gifts were so special I am truly blessed I am so filled with love and happy thoughts I think I might bust.
Thank you all for a wonderful day I will always remember

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I think it might be icy

Just a reminder the posted speed limits are for fair weather driving, not for snowy or icy conditions...We were crossing the Narrows bridge coming home from a lovely dinner with our Son and his family 6:30pm and it had been snowing, but it seemed to have stopped , however I said, "I think it might be icy" and my sweetheart said "nah, I do not think so" as I looked across to the other bridge I see a truck going the wrong way and a car sitting sideways on the bridge, wow I do believe it was icy. It was not long and the aide cars were racing to the scene. I always say a prayer for anyone I see in trouble and ask for protection each time I drive anywhere. I feel our highways are a war zone and the careless driving I witness is obscene. Last year there were over 30,000 people killed and 2.5 million injuries on our highways, the countless families impacted in loss of income and loved ones lost is beyond comprehension. it is just shameful. We get the daily count of war injuries and deaths but the highways deaths are just accepted as a daily happening and are not even news worthy. Oh I guess I should not say too much because the powers that be do get into it during the holidays with DWI updates. Ask anyone who has lost a loved one to a drunk driver and see if they feel enough is being done, I am one of those and I say no.
Just three months ago one of my ten my granddaughters was in a horrific accident, she is lucky to be alive, her pelvic was broken in three places, three vertebrae. broken several ribs plus her front teeth either broken or knocked out, neck and shoulder injuries; thank God she has a hard head, they had to use the jaws of life to get her out, she does not remember the accident but vows never to Tx or use the phone while driving she thinks maybe, well we will never know for sure.
I had a premnision that one of my granddaughters would be in a accident so for three months before her accident I prayed daily for their protection. What if I had not been praying would she be here today, I believe God had a hand in her survival, and I believe in the power of prayer.
So what am I saying? well be careful this Holiday season, drive with caution and do not forget God has his hand on you and your love ones lives. He hears our prayers, so keep in touch and have a safe Christmas and invite Christ to your celebrations.

The snow is falling

I just finished telling Jerry I think it is icy, as we fly over the Narrows bridge going to Gig Harbor, and he says no not really, then I look across to the other bridge going to Tacoma and see a truck facing the wrong way and a car sideways on the bridge, yep I think it was icy. We got home safe and sound, but we did see the aid cars racing to the bridge. Each time I see a car in trouble I say a prayer for the people in the car and hope that it never happens to me and mine. We have already had a near death accident in the family and one is too many. so everyone be safe and drive the safe speed limit not the posted one, those posted speed limits are for fair weather not what we will be experiencing in the coming months so please be careful. Have you ever checked the stats on just how many fatalities there are on our highways not to mention the injuries and the cost of these accidents it is a real eye opener. I ask for God's protection everytime I take the wheel it is a war zone on our roads and no one seems to care about these fatalieies and the families

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Rainy Dark Foggy Stay at Home Day

Doing some cleaning here and there, not too much I could give Jerry the wrong impression. He might expect me to clean house on a regular basis, well he should know there is no chance of that happening. My cleaning, like my quilting is a spontaneous event, and there is no telling when or what I will do.
As I look thru the house, I see so many nooks and crannies stuffed with good things, these treasures are far too good to throw away, so I tuck them here and there my new problem is I have collected more than I can tuck away. It is time to clean house, a time to get rid of some of my treasures. The real question is, can I?
At this point I am not sure, everything I drug home was valuable to me, not just junk but special bits and pieces I found at a great price and just too good to pass up. That is the key “too good to pass up” I have seen those shows about the hoarders, could that be me? I wonder. Have I crossed a line, gone pasted the place of no return; scary thought, very scary, I justify my collecting because I keep it in order but does that reduce the compulsion factor? I know I am a compulsive person this fact is becoming very real to me, the truth is there is something out of balance about my behavior. I am a quilt alcoholic and that is scary. So recognizing it is the first step to recovery, well I recognize I am compulsive and I understand it is time to do something about it so am I on the road to recovery? Right, I Have my doubts, but for now I am willing to try…I will let you know in six months………….Nov 10th 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quilters Spirit

Kim is a quilt collector, writer, PHD and just down right a great gal, she has my poem on her website -----Quilters Spirit----She is well worth checking out, her research is fascinating and she really knows her quilts, so check out her web site and blog

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stitch's retreat 2013

Our art group STITCH packed up and journeyed to Whidbey Island to the home of our Ann
Roberts.  We had a five star retreat, the venue was open airy and bright with a spectacular view of Strawberry Point, the beds were downy and oh so comfortable and the pool of food, well, gourmet is the only description.
Ann is a great hostess everything was wonderful, we were even productive.  I however had a slight setback I forgot my sewing machine cords, but thanks to Barbara I was able to sew when she was napping or after she went to bed. 
Wonderful projects were finished and we will be showing them next October at the Gig Harbor Library, our group will be showing our stuff in conjugation with the Gig Harbor Quilters Guild's show and the Breast Cancer's October drive.  October is quilt month in Gig Harbor.
Good food, long walks and friendship ruled what a way to live.  THANK YOU ANN IT WAS GREAT








Just a little write;

I call them Soul Sisters, they are the stabilizers and they bring us back into balance when our isolation, hormones or life knock us off kilter.  We women internalize and without a vent for our emotional storms we can become needy; a woman understands and will give survival skills and insights that a man cannot.  True a good man, if you have one is a blessing beyond belief but a Soul Sister understands what being a woman is like, they are a trusted ear.  A quiet talk with a friend, sister, mother will refresh ones soul and strengthen one’s reserve to keep going.  The loneliest time in my life was when my Mother passed and I did not have a Soul Sister. So ladies lend an ear.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston