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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camping with some of our gang

Sam's first cribbage game
Hailey talking to Mom and Katie

Wyatts set and lit his first fire

When do we eat?
Do we get seconds
Everybody loved the Uno games and cribbage. scooter races on the hill
 Lets see there was Karol, Donald, Kayla, Katie, Debra, Sherm, Laura. Melissa, Sam, Elizabeth, Kate, Ernie, Wyatt, Hailey, Jerry and the G-Mom Delaine they were not there at the same time but most were.  The food was great even the upside down pie before the coons got to it it is a long story one we will remember for many a year.  We took hikes and walked the beach, I of course was always looking for agates not a very good beach for them but I did find four nice size ones, I missed a lot of goings on because I was always looking down.  It was too cold and damp for swimming, but we were lucky it only rained on us once for about ten minutes not enough to worry about.
 Camping has been a family tradition it is harder each year getting everybody together what with the younger ones out of school and working to get tuition, and the new jobs in general we were lucky this year to have so many join us.
Leader of the pack

We actually got some sunshine

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The best that you can be

Just pondering life again and I wondered just how many actually get up and commit to being the best that they could be each day?  How many actually think about their action first, and commit to not letting anyone ruin their day? Sounds easy but you know the drill the first person that walks into your day has a sour attitude and it sets the pace for the whole day; why not beat them to the punch and commit to being happy and productive despite the reality of our lives.  What a different world it would be the sour puss is cut off at the get go with a "good morning, what a wonderful day it is" and a big smile.  Try not to smile back it is not easy smiles are contagious and it has been proven that it takes less muscle power to smile than to frown. 
When I was going through my divorce I would walk to the mirror every morning and say " I will be happy " even if I had to grinch  my teeth to say it, and there were days when there were tears.  I willed myself to be happy and it worked, happiness came to me.  It took time but I was ready for it, and when I look back to those dark days I know that being positive changed the direction of my life.  We are in control of our little space in this world we make our own destiny.  My favorite saying is "When things go wrong don't go with them", and it is just that simple.

Stand up to the dark side and bring light into the room, we can not change 'the' world but we can change where we stand that is our world; by being positive and supportive of others we can make a difference..  Look around and see who is having a bad day and go and encourage them, maybe just a wink will turn their day around, a pat on the shoulder, or a simple "ata girl or boy'.  Nothing is more up lifting than to have someone, say you did a good job; or "your really know how to do that well".  Simple positive gestures are free gifts we can give to others and then the magic happens it come back to you, three fold.  Sounds to easy, well try it for a month and see for yourself it is one of the truisms in life.  And it is free to all who wish to improve their days.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Independence Day

I raised my children to be independent and they are free thinking individuals, strong and standing on their own.
I am a very fortunate woman because all my children love each other.  Some how I was able to instill in them tolerance and patients and an unbreakable bond to each other, that also includes me.  That does not mean we are all perfect, quite the contrary we are diverse and very opinionated, strong willed and stubborn, but when it comes to family we over look the little things; and hold on to the important thing “family love and respect”.  We are passing on the heritage handed down to us from my parents and grandparents we are a family and that includes all of us...
We understand and have learned that demanding to be right, and demanding an apology, is a selfish act, one that makes the demander small in character.  Why do some never forgive little errors in judgment and always remembering every word the offender said, all the while ignoring their own mean remarks?  Why do some use words as a tool to hurt and divide members of their family? Why do some families isolate one member to make another happy or to win anothers love?
The whole thing is cruel and torturous treatment to all concerned.  A family is a sum of its members; each member needs to work to keep sacred the bonds of love and respect.  That bond of love holds us together.

Today we celebrate the American family; our ancestors came together and established a nation of states. Each state is different, all are individuals each keeping their individuality but all working together to make one nation under God.  We are the strongest nation in the world.  We are a beacon to those who have been held down and betrayed by their leaders, they seek to be free like the United States; they want their independence and freedom.  Together we are united as a nation; that is our strength. 
Wow, could that be the same for a family? Of course it is.
Is it that simple? Is that the key, United States, United Nations, United Families, there I go again finding another truism, a truth, right out of God’s word and it applies to the whole world.  As a Nation, we stand United and as a family we stand together united in love and respect, by choice we are united so enjoy this day, Our Independence Day.
Have a wonderful 4th of July

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston