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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day is coming to an End

Wonderful times with loved ones, yet the fatigue is creeping into my body I am so tired and for us it is not over my sister is coming over to visit she is up from California. I think she came to dry out I do hope I can stay awake tomorrow. I for one will be glad to get my house back in order it will not be until after my sister leaves. It really should be the other way, clean house then see my sister but alas there is no time.... Oh well she has known me for seventy years maybe she will understand.
This has been a busy year, we visited four of our childrens homes and had two parties here and now a house guest no wonder I am tired, but what fun we had I loved every miniute of it until today it is finally getting to me. Christmas is my favorate time of year I love the lights, music, packages and surprises and I love being with my gang and watching the children and their excitment over openning their pachages. and all the surprises of the season Our last batch of young ones are growing so fast and getting so big I have a granddaughter who is only ten and she is almost as tall as I am, I bet by August she will pass me up, I am fast becoming the family runt. I might add a round runt with all the good foods this little girl is swelling up, golly I wonder why?
I am looking forwards to some cozy nights by the fire and at least two naps a day and I am sure Jerry and I will recover. So from us Merry Christmas everyone remember love and hugs are also gifts and they are free.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Remembering Christmas1979'

Christmas of 1979 I had filed for divorce I was living alone in this big house, I could not afford to heat it, so I froze. My children had scattered all my dreams of family were destroyed. My life motto had been "Grow old along with me for the best is yet to be" I had made a cross stitch of that verse in 1959 it still hangs by my phone. My life was in shambles, and if some one had told me how large and wonderful my family would become I would not have believed them.
Sunday was "Our" family gathering and there were twenty-one family members here and the house was full of chatter and laughter; the food was more than any of us could eat, we were missing four of our loved ones. Later two dear friends joined us, and the music started what a lovely day, it was a wonderful day... God has truly bless this house, it was built in 1971 our Church family all came and blessed it, next year it will be forty years old and I hope to have a reeducation party.
I guess the point of all this is, no matter what you are going thru it is only temporary, trust in God's promises and know that His hand is guiding your life even during the hard times. The trials that come our way are opportunities to learn and grow, I am a better woman having gone thru the hard times, I am stronger and I know His hand is on my shoulder no matter what comes my way. So hold tight to your love ones this Christmas season, make it a Holy celebration of joy and love.
We can not change the past, we have today to make the future a time of warm memories, God Bless everybody. I am a happy woman it is hard to believe how my life has changed since that lonely Christmas of 1979 I thought it was the end, it was just the beginning of a better life, a bump in my road, that was only temporary God has truly blessed this house. I found an honest man, my Jerry he restored my faith in marriage and family and our family came together bigger and better than I could ever imagine. If you end up alone, look around there are other lonely people out there, seek them out and make their Christmas a happy one, "because you are with them". Christmas is not about gifts it about sharing and celebrating Christ birthday have a happy one. Mine has just begun each young family has invited us to their house for a holidasy dinner, I had better uncover that treadmill it maybe a chubby Christmas Be Happy


The family circle is broken
Life changes never be the same again
We scamper to close the breach
All the plans of the past are lost
Starting over is painful it must begin
Find a new road re-evaluate
It takes time to heal old wounds
Seek a new understanding to fill the hole
Build a new circle of love
Join those who remain with the new
All must pull together to close the gap
Opening to change is the key
Love is the glue – Patients the mortar
Understanding pulls it together
Slowly a new circle forms
This one will be stronger
Love, patients, forgiveness
Consideration and courtesy must rule
The old and new come together
The broken circle melts away
As a new family circle forms
The breach closes with love

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Red Hat Ladies

I am a Red Hatter, I belong to a group of delightful ladies all full of fun and giggles and today was our Christmas luncheon. Yvonne hosted the party at her home and it was decked out from the front door to the back every nook had eye candy of some sort..Yvonne has traveled extensively and she has the most wonderful collection of beautiful treasures. To top it off the ladies were all deck out in reds and purple making the afternoon a visual delight.
Getting to know these dear ladies is an adventure each one has a story to tell; stories that cover the last ninety years give or take twenty. The longer we meet, the more each one is willing to share their life experience, there are twenty women and their experiences for such a small group are incredible. The rules of our meetings require we laugh and have fun, believe me getting this group together is a party. I love to hear them laugh it is infectious, we have a couple with health issues yet they are right in the middle of the fun. Red Hatters are about fun and fellowship and our group has to be the best, love you ladies....Merry Christmas Ladies

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another WWII vet and dear friend dies

My cousins husband died, what a beautiful man Gordon was he came back from the war and fell in love with Pat and they lived the good life, loving and working together they raised a wonderful family of boys. His passing started me thinking about the circle of life:
Our lives fly by so fast it is hard to savor the days we spent with loved ones. I realized we are not just ordinary women. We come from a family of women who were exceptional and they taught us how to love and be proud they gave us a dignity that not everyone had the privilege to receive. We had wonderful parents but it was our mothers and their influence that shaped our lives.
It is amazing how fast life changes, we start out as little girls at our mothers apron strings content to play with our dolls and making mud pies, as we grew our mothers took charge of our education, they taught us the meaning of being a young lady and they taught us how to be a woman... They taught decorum and manners, how to stand up straight, and to understand the ways of the world... Our mother's prepared us for womanhood in their gentle way with out really telling us anything, they taught how to keep a clean house and tend the garden, to do your nails and hair to take pride in our appearance. Cooking was an important lesson they prepared us to be wives and mothers, to live upright lives and the importance of honesty and integrity and most of all they gave us love and taught us how to love and the importance of loyalty. They stood by as our lives began and we always felt safe and loved because of them. My mother has been gone almost forty years and yet, I feel my mother’s presence; her spirit is always with me.
We have changed from being those little girls growing up with our mothers, and how fortunate we were to come from such lovely ladies they were good gentle people. They got us thru those awkward teenage years and then the courting began and the young hopefuls came a calling.
For Pat it was Gordon; a handsome young man, just back from a long and terrible war and he was ready to settle down and saw her and fell in love, he was a lovyal and loving husband for over sixty years.
As young brides, our lives really changed; we were in love and thought we knew it all that is when the real lessons in life began. We were in charge of our own destiny so with our young men we walked into the future. Those first years of marriage were fun and trying; then the babies came. Our mothers circled around and stood ready to help with lessons and stories of their time with newborn babes.
Once the babies came, life went in to warp speed those busy years went by so fast, there were difficulties, with each one a new lesson learned. We became stronger woman who could manage anything that came our way. We became the teachers. Our children grew so fast, they leaned on us to answer their questions, and they needed us to teach them, they needed our guidance. It is funny how short that time really was. Our children leaped into life, it was not long, they became young adults, and one by one, they left home…
About that time our parents passed. No longer children we became the older generation. The tools to raise our children came from our strong upbringing and our guidance made our children strong and able to stand on their own two feet. We taught them to be independent and self-sufficient we became our mothers.
Time passed so fast, they call it the empty nest syndrome it is just another bump in our road and we changed again this time we rekindle our love and started a new life as empty Nester's
A new happiness would be ours, being a grandparent. Grandchildren are the frosting on our cake of life. oh how wonderful to watch them grow, when our children were young we were so busy we were not able to giggle and play with them like you can with grandchildren, oh my I do love my grand children.
Life settles into a softer slower speed, and we grow into retirement, these years are warm and comfortable with family and friends life is sweet.
Our minds still sharp but our bodies begin to warble and change comes to each of us.
Because of the things, our mothers taught us and what we passed on to our children our walk into old age will not be lonely. Our families will circle around us and we will lean on them. They will stand with us through the remainder of our lives because we taught them how to love and honor family...With Gordon's passing the circle changes yet remains steady this is about the full circle of life we all hold on but the choices are ours the lessons we take to heart shape our lives. Gordon and Pat's lives represent their parents teaching they set a fine example and so did Pat and Gordon they established a wonderful family and Pat will be protected and loved as the circle of life goes on..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tomorrow will be the pits, but today is a lazy day of straightening up this house and setting some goals as to what to do next clean house or create? I have a doll almost completed and two wall hangings started, in my minds eye well I have way too much to do so maybe a meditation nap should be first on the agenda. I have our family Christmas card flooting around in my head but nothing to paper as yet, I did buy the stamps so you could say the job is half done.
Something has happened to my get up and go since my birthday, I just wander around the house stirring it up so to speak and leaving a trail of incompletes. Jerry likes order, it seems to be slipping on my end I have good intentions but what can I say my list of do's is getting longer and the done's seems to be incomplete.
Our family does Christmas a little different, we gather as "The Family" at our house before Christmas then the satilite families do their own thing on Christmas Eve and day, Jerry always does a Christmas Morning brunch and who ever wants to come, comes. We sort of float on Christmas Eve and Day and go where invited or where the best meal is Ho Ho. To me that makes it easier on the young families, I feel they need to make their own traditions and we will not always be there.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Circle of Friends

Today I sat in a room full of women; they were my Quilt Guild friends. I was excited because it was my birthday so I went around the room making a point to speak to each woman, to tell of my birthday and do a bit of chit chatting, I marveled at the diversity of these women as I looked in to their faces and wondered what their story was. I knew many of the women but not all.
It was a festive meeting with a guest speaker who spoke on Woman’s suffrage and the fight to get the right to vote, she told of the long painful struggle that took seventy-eight years and the grit and determination of the suffragists was phenomenal.
As I looked around the room, I realized just how much I admired the women in my guild I can see their determination and tenacity in their faces. Their creative spirit is alive and well they formed a sisterhood that has reached out to around the world, the sisterhood that started hundreds of years ago continue to this day.
I am a quilter and antique quilt collector. Each time I find an unknown maker’s quilt I wonder what was the makers story, was she living in poverty; did she make the quilt to raise money to subsidize her family’s income or did she make it for someone special; did a harsh husband dominated her, did she have to work from sun up to sun down. Did she have children, how many did she bury, how old was she when she died? I question how someone could part with a family heir loam without honoring the maker.
The women in my guild have each made wonderful quilts they are works of art, but their quilts do not tell their stories. You cannot see the cancer survivors, or the widow three times around or the mother of an injured vet or the one who lost her son in an auto accident, the ex-marine cook. No, you do not know which of the women’s husband has cancer or the one with heart disease or the woman who was homeless and lived in her car for a year; you cannot tell who lost her daughter to breast cancer, and the who struggles with an alcoholic husband. You cannot tell which one has acute osteoporosis or the one raising her two grandchildren because of an addicted daughter. The face of the caregiver of an Alzheimer’s parent smiles and her hands dance as she talks; they all come to the quilter’s circle leaving their burdens behind and they come to share their gifts and knowledge and they help each other create quilts of beauty. They make quilts that say I love you, quilts that hug your soul. Today was a wonderful day because I was in the company of great women, ordinary, wonderful women who happen to quilt I belong to a sisterhood of quilters...with a few good men.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today was my day; I celebrated my 70th birthday with my family. A couple were missing Steven, Ernie, Lisa, Hailey, Anna, James,Toby and Wyatt they were sorely missed the circle is never complete without all the ones I love, all the ones I call mine.
What a wonderful life I have had, the lessons were worth the sadness that came with them yet the joy that followed, well I would never have missed the joy.
Jerry my love brought stability to my life he is such a gentle loving man my family grew with him and so did my capacity to love he brought so much to my world.
Tonight I Savior the day, My day, whether I have another matters not to me. My life experience is over flowing with good memories and today was one of the best.
Thank you for the Ferry ride, the aquarium and dinner at Elliott’s and a great Ferry ride home. To top it off , there was time with the little girls; Kayla had her first Cribbage lesson as Sister Katie watched; the tradition continues. The gifts were so special I am truly blessed I am so filled with love and happy thoughts I think I might bust.
Thank you all for a wonderful day I will always remember

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I think it might be icy

Just a reminder the posted speed limits are for fair weather driving, not for snowy or icy conditions...We were crossing the Narrows bridge coming home from a lovely dinner with our Son and his family 6:30pm and it had been snowing, but it seemed to have stopped , however I said, "I think it might be icy" and my sweetheart said "nah, I do not think so" as I looked across to the other bridge I see a truck going the wrong way and a car sitting sideways on the bridge, wow I do believe it was icy. It was not long and the aide cars were racing to the scene. I always say a prayer for anyone I see in trouble and ask for protection each time I drive anywhere. I feel our highways are a war zone and the careless driving I witness is obscene. Last year there were over 30,000 people killed and 2.5 million injuries on our highways, the countless families impacted in loss of income and loved ones lost is beyond comprehension. it is just shameful. We get the daily count of war injuries and deaths but the highways deaths are just accepted as a daily happening and are not even news worthy. Oh I guess I should not say too much because the powers that be do get into it during the holidays with DWI updates. Ask anyone who has lost a loved one to a drunk driver and see if they feel enough is being done, I am one of those and I say no.
Just three months ago one of my ten my granddaughters was in a horrific accident, she is lucky to be alive, her pelvic was broken in three places, three vertebrae. broken several ribs plus her front teeth either broken or knocked out, neck and shoulder injuries; thank God she has a hard head, they had to use the jaws of life to get her out, she does not remember the accident but vows never to Tx or use the phone while driving she thinks maybe, well we will never know for sure.
I had a premnision that one of my granddaughters would be in a accident so for three months before her accident I prayed daily for their protection. What if I had not been praying would she be here today, I believe God had a hand in her survival, and I believe in the power of prayer.
So what am I saying? well be careful this Holiday season, drive with caution and do not forget God has his hand on you and your love ones lives. He hears our prayers, so keep in touch and have a safe Christmas and invite Christ to your celebrations.

The snow is falling

I just finished telling Jerry I think it is icy, as we fly over the Narrows bridge going to Gig Harbor, and he says no not really, then I look across to the other bridge going to Tacoma and see a truck facing the wrong way and a car sideways on the bridge, yep I think it was icy. We got home safe and sound, but we did see the aid cars racing to the bridge. Each time I see a car in trouble I say a prayer for the people in the car and hope that it never happens to me and mine. We have already had a near death accident in the family and one is too many. so everyone be safe and drive the safe speed limit not the posted one, those posted speed limits are for fair weather not what we will be experiencing in the coming months so please be careful. Have you ever checked the stats on just how many fatalities there are on our highways not to mention the injuries and the cost of these accidents it is a real eye opener. I ask for God's protection everytime I take the wheel it is a war zone on our roads and no one seems to care about these fatalieies and the families

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Rainy Dark Foggy Stay at Home Day

Doing some cleaning here and there, not too much I could give Jerry the wrong impression. He might expect me to clean house on a regular basis, well he should know there is no chance of that happening. My cleaning, like my quilting is a spontaneous event, and there is no telling when or what I will do.
As I look thru the house, I see so many nooks and crannies stuffed with good things, these treasures are far too good to throw away, so I tuck them here and there my new problem is I have collected more than I can tuck away. It is time to clean house, a time to get rid of some of my treasures. The real question is, can I?
At this point I am not sure, everything I drug home was valuable to me, not just junk but special bits and pieces I found at a great price and just too good to pass up. That is the key “too good to pass up” I have seen those shows about the hoarders, could that be me? I wonder. Have I crossed a line, gone pasted the place of no return; scary thought, very scary, I justify my collecting because I keep it in order but does that reduce the compulsion factor? I know I am a compulsive person this fact is becoming very real to me, the truth is there is something out of balance about my behavior. I am a quilt alcoholic and that is scary. So recognizing it is the first step to recovery, well I recognize I am compulsive and I understand it is time to do something about it so am I on the road to recovery? Right, I Have my doubts, but for now I am willing to try…I will let you know in six months………….Nov 10th 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quilters Spirit

Kim is a quilt collector, writer, PHD and just down right a great gal, she has my poem on her website -----Quilters Spirit----She is well worth checking out, her research is fascinating and she really knows her quilts, so check out her web site and blog

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stitch's retreat 2013

Our art group STITCH packed up and journeyed to Whidbey Island to the home of our Ann
Roberts.  We had a five star retreat, the venue was open airy and bright with a spectacular view of Strawberry Point, the beds were downy and oh so comfortable and the pool of food, well, gourmet is the only description.
Ann is a great hostess everything was wonderful, we were even productive.  I however had a slight setback I forgot my sewing machine cords, but thanks to Barbara I was able to sew when she was napping or after she went to bed. 
Wonderful projects were finished and we will be showing them next October at the Gig Harbor Library, our group will be showing our stuff in conjugation with the Gig Harbor Quilters Guild's show and the Breast Cancer's October drive.  October is quilt month in Gig Harbor.
Good food, long walks and friendship ruled what a way to live.  THANK YOU ANN IT WAS GREAT








Just a little write;

I call them Soul Sisters, they are the stabilizers and they bring us back into balance when our isolation, hormones or life knock us off kilter.  We women internalize and without a vent for our emotional storms we can become needy; a woman understands and will give survival skills and insights that a man cannot.  True a good man, if you have one is a blessing beyond belief but a Soul Sister understands what being a woman is like, they are a trusted ear.  A quiet talk with a friend, sister, mother will refresh ones soul and strengthen one’s reserve to keep going.  The loneliest time in my life was when my Mother passed and I did not have a Soul Sister. So ladies lend an ear.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The seasons change

Would it not be nice to loose all the fat and wrinkles in the fall and emerge in the spring lean and beautiful. The trees this fall are beautiful and then the winds of winter will blow all the bugs and leaves away and a quiet time of cold wet days will come and in the dark of winter the trees stand silent and bare; all the while their roots are storing up the nutriments to burst forth new fresh green growth. the bulbs are hiding preparing for spring's call. I guess the question is will I be ready for another spring? Will the winters cold days cause me to rest and rejuvenate? I hope so I have been so busy this summer that I hardly had time to enjoy the warm but damp weather. Was it really summer? it passed so fast it feels like I somehow missed it.
What started me thinking about trees and such? Well I just spent two hours looking through some old pictures, who was that slim woman with the bum, is it possible that was me? I wonder . Would it be possible that I could change, could I spring forth? Could I make the winter work for me, could I be like the trees and I could emerge a slimmer woman in the spring? I wonder.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hugs and Love

Today was Katie's Birthday she is my youngest grand-daughter, Katie turned seven and has lost her first tooth. She felt so grown up riding her new bike, however her older sister Kayla was terribly distressed watching her receive all the attention. She so wanted to play with sisters new toys but little sister said no, Kayla is only two years older so the new Barbie with hot tub and and all the extras were very tempting. I reminded her of all the gifts she had received on her birthday but to no avail. She slipped back into a spot where she could observe her sister and every time Katie put her gifts aside to play with the cousins, she would silently move on the new toys and fall into a state of fascination; then little sister would return and push her away. This went on all afternoon I felt so sorry for her pain, she just could not enjoy her sister's joy at being seven. Her green eyed monster was very visible. Watching young children interact has always been one of my favorite things to do, the emotional turmoil they go through establishing their territory, their place in their little society is so fragile. Little hearts are broken, as their emotions surface and tempers flair and jealouslies rise. Then Mom calls them in to have cake and ice cream and all is forgotten in a second, they sit around the table laughing and talking. It is amazing and wonderful. These trials and tribulations have gone on for centuries and most grow up finding a balancing between the silly and important things, most grow wiser and find that it was not that bad after all. Unfortunately not all children are raised in happy secure homes. Brothers and sisters either become best of friends or they become strangers never allowing understanding and love come between them...
Jealiously can gripe the heart and never goes away if one haven't expierenced love and learned how to be understanding...
Raising my three children was nothing short of total cayous at times I thought I would go crazy, as I look back I realize I loved every minute of it. They had their problems finding their way, as all of us did; but they love each other they are truly best friends.
Now I have problem, I find I am jealous when they plan a sibling week-end and I am not invited. It was hard knowing they were all laughing and having a great time together and I wasn't there. So all in all I guess a little jealousy creeps into all our lives no matter how old we are. My children learned to love each other and isn't that what we as parents strive to achive.
A childs broken heart heals when they are loved and they learn to accept disappointment, I guess this is all about family love; my parents loved me and taught me how to love, and their parents taught them; the circle of love will not be broken as long as we love each other...Hugs and love heal our wounds and a little cake and ice cream helps.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whirl Wind week end is history

What a lovely time I had, first there was Artist Open Studio Tour this was my first year and it turned out to be such fun. My Husband Jerry and our three daughters all pitched in and helped to make it a great memory. So many nice people came to visit "my studio" well actually it is just my sewing room but they all seemed to really enjoy the tour and it was wonderful having so many people validate my eclectic quilting skills what a bust to ones ego. I had a great time showing off my work and meeting so many nice people, having our girls there was just the frosting on the cake.
Then Saturday night they auctioned off the Herons at a Gala dinner even thou I was so tired from the Open Studio Tour we closed the tour at 5:00 and dashed to the auction by 5:30 it was so exciting watching the Heron go on the block, even with the economy down they made over 30k on the auction, my Heron went for $1300.00 which was good there were a few that went over, one went for $3200. it was such a good cause, it would have been great to have them all go that high but alas you takes what comes your way and everyone had a great time. They had a live band and dancing but I was far too tired to shake a leg I was lucky I had Jerry to drag me home by 1:30am to rise again to another day of Open studio and special time with the girls. So all the preparations and work of planning the week-end, it is now over and life will go back to normal, the truth be known I am so ready for some quiet down time. Naps sound so appealing I am going to set my sights to mastering the afternoon nap with my love, that just plane sounds wonderful at this time in my life so for now Be Happy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seasons change

The flowers are blooming out and it will not be long and we will be looking at the fall leaves instead, but while they are here I am going to enjoy them. September always brings the beautiful sunsets oh how I love to look out our windows and watch the sun set in a golden sky I feel this is the best time of year the air is cool and crisp and the sun throws long shadows across our little bit of heaven. I love this time of year, my mind wanders to baking, apple pies, bread and pot roast I find I want to clean the windows to let more sunshine in and cleaning the light fixtures the glass on them seems so necessary there is nothing like a shiny chandlier catching the fall beams of light as they dance across the room. Our house faces the southwest and we get the evenning sun so nice on those long winter afternoons, there is a stand of trees growing just south of the house and they will eventually block the winter sunsets but for now they are in their splender and I will work on getting my love to trim those trees before they get too large. This week he was on the barn roof nailing down the roof flashing at the ridge of the roof oh my I was so worried about him up there he was doing fine, but his feet were tangeling up in the rope he had strung from the otherside of the barn to where he was working,. I know he used to climb telephone poles but we are older and dancing around on the barn roof is not where he should be.
I have to admit he looked really good in his jeans with that tool belt on way up there so high working like the old days, he was mighty handsome to this old girls eyes, I love that man and I felt a lot better when he was finally on the ground. So goes the exciting life we live here on our little bit of heaven. The barn roof is fixed and we settle in for long evenings by the fire, winter is coming on fast ans summer seems to have rushed by without us...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oops I lost half of my blog info here is an update

First of all I lost my Heron picture so I had to retrieve him and the info lost, please click on him and see the larger version he is so beutiful. He will be auctioned off this coming Saturday night Sept 18th at the Gala auction to benefit art in the schools. I hope he makes a bundle for the kids, I am so proud to be part of this worthy project, the goal entails putting together teams of artist who will go into the schools to teach art, the understanding and appreciation as well as doing hands on projects with the kids. The goal is to help young people find their creative spirits, to give them hands on experience in various mediums and to help them understand color and what it means to create art.
I call my Heron "Gig Harbor's Peacock" because he is made with recycled glitzy fabrics from my stash of wonderful vintage clothes the fabrics and colors are from days gone bye when ladies dressed for all special occasions to the "T' so to speak. He is all ready to find a new home where he can be displayed and enjoyed for years to come. I promised Jerry I would not bid on him, I have been known to bid on my creations, I can not help it there are just those special ones I can not let go of, but not this time a promise is a promise and I will keep this one, it will be hard but I will do it. So wish us luck and that he finds a wonderful new home. where he will be loved for years to come.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting the blog ready for open studio just practicing, trying to get some pictures but having trouble so this is trial and error

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Numbers -- This is for Larkin

I feel number one is the most relevant, I’ll explain, you see when your not number one to yourself you are not whole and can not truly be creative from your soul. Until you know yourself and accept who you are, you are bending with whatever wind comes your way. Accept where you are now and find comfort within. By being number one to self, you can find peace and be comfortable alone. If one has not found that singular self there will always be someone or something that rules you. Sadly for so many they give their all but never seem to hit the mark, they give, and give and only find frustration in the gesture, no real joy or satisfaction. Once you are aware, so to speak about who you are and are truly happy in your own skin you find a peace that allows you to be effective in everything you do. . Yes, we have the power to change but many are incapable because of destructive self-criticisms that warp their center. We all wish for different circumstances in life, we all have had heart break and at times felt shame, loneliness or despair, those who understand these incidences were just happenings, “not who they are” those are the “ # one’s” they understand they are not the crisis and are free and move on. They take the bumps and move on with an inner knowledge there is something better ahead.
Therefore, number one is most important number to self...

I am not forgetting God he of course is the true number one but he is so far beyond the simple explanation I will not go there.

Monday, August 16, 2010

APWQ Synposium in Olympia

WARNING do not stop by "Shipwreck Beads" before going anywhere, it could be a costly mistake, and never go back on the return trip OMG I now have a really big collection of beads.

Now a great big wow for the APWQ Symposium. Four days on the Olympic College campus in Olympia, days full of quilting and wonderful camaraderie with a great bunch of ladies we had so much fun. We also had great teachers I learned so much, many new techniques and tricks of our trade it was worth every penny. I came home and found it hard to stay in the room with my wonderful husband all because I wanted to be in my studio working on my new skills, fortunately he is a very loving man and understands my compulsion to quilt and create something beautiful. he is a wonder and very patient with his addicted wife. He truly understands me and is always scratching his head in confusion about what I might do next.
What will I do next? After taking three classes I now have three new projects to work on and I want to finish all of them "now" if you know me very well you know I am a bit compulsive so deciding which to do first is hard I really want to get them all finished so I can look at them, touch them and wonder at how they turned out. That is a big part of my quilting experience just looking at my finished piece, maybe mentally even picking it apart using each new piece as a tool to enhance my learning curve to do better work. Taking a quilting holiday is the ticket if you are a quilt-a-holic like I am. Quilts are my passion (aside from Jerry of course) and I am a walking testimonial to my addition and it is so much fun, I am really a happy camper so to speak, I love my life, my family, my friends and my quilts the cats fit in there somewhere. If you ever have a chance to go on retreat or symposium do it, do it for yourself do it for your family you will not be sorry. Thank you. To all the wonderful volunteers who made the trip a success. Oh did I say Jody went with me she is a slave driver, she got me to class every time on time and was always waiting to make sure I was going where I was supposed to. She also drove right to Shipwreck Beads twice, it is all her fault I am now the proud owner of so many beads. Love you Jody you are the best traveling companion a quilter could have.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

I love the 4th of July, this year it was cold and damp but the fireworks were wonderful..I had expected it to be far less than last year, because of the economy, but no it was double the show...maybe triple there were great wonderful explosions of dazzling lights and colors. We even had our own show. It was amazing and the food was great, we had a birthday party for our grandson Wyatt, who just turned seven, he was so wound up he was beside himself and at times a handful. Just too much excitement for the boy, he is a big boy and you know he is on your lap when he needs hugs I am barley strong enough to hold him, but to watch him play with his cousins warms my heart. It reminds me of the many 4th Of July Picnics with my family when I was young, our fireworks were not as aerial but we were so thrilled to see them and we lived just a few block from the Fair grounds so we kids would go up on the garage roof and watch the Fair's show. When I think about those times I remember my Mother's Potato salad and her fired chic- hen they were the best, there was also carrot cake and red devil chocolate cake with penuche frosting, and if we were really lucky we would have home made ice cream, and of course watermelon. We did not have hamburgers that often the fried chicken was a favorite and nobody wanted anything else, besides that time of year chicken was was 13 to 20 cents a pound a real deal. We would go to the lake and water ski, bask in the sun and made wonderful memories. We piled into the car, there were no seat beats back then you stayed put because you rear end was jammed into place or there was someone on your lap; no air-conditioning we were all sweaty and the windows were open so every ones hair was blowing around but I never noticed the discomfort we were all so excited to be going to the lake that any discomfort was accepted as part of the journey.
I remember the screen door always slamming, warping the garbage in newspaper because of the flies and them the maggots my mother was at war with the maggots she would put on her bluette gloves and take boiling water out to the cans and scrub them down every week. Living in Sacramento the summers were hot and flies, bugs and mosquito's were rampant you could not go down to the river in the evening because of the mesqueto's, they were so thick you could not breathe without getting some in your mouth.
Then there were the card games bridge, canasta and penocicle sometimes poker those summer days were full of family and friends I ran barefoot and my feet were dirty and there would be sand in my hair and sweat strikes from the dust but I had a ball. There was tall grass everywhere and we would play and roll in it, the vacant lots were always fun, you don't see them much anymore everything is trimmed and groomed the dirt piles are gone and no trespassing signs. Now children walk around with computor games and don't want to get dirty, I used to get so dirty and sweaty and I was happy, as they say "those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end" well they have for me but my memories warm my heart No trespassing was never a issue we were free to go everywhere, old abandoned houses, railroad tracks and lumberyards. roller skating climbing trees, sleeping in the back yard, fear of strangers was not an issue. I could go on and on but the house is a mess and I better get busy anyway the 4th was great I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday and remembered to honor our counties founders for the freedoms they set before us. Take some time this week and look into a history book and remember why our country is was so great. God Bless

4th of July

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

I love seeing my Jerry with his kids, and the grandchildren he takes on this glow and his voice changes, it becomes softer and he listens to every word. He is so happy in their presence and they all adore him. I am lucky to have been invited into their circle of love, it is a wonderful place to be. Jerry is a father first before all else his children came first, when he was raising them before our marriage his concern for their welfare was the reason I fell in love with him. My children's father was too full of himself to be overly concerned about his children, that was my job. Yes it was my job and it was a job I took very seriously. I could understand Jerry's concern and devotion to his children we spoke the same language, we shared the same concerns, I know I am the same way when my children are around I am mesmerized with their conversations and laughter I love just sitting back and watching them interact with their children.
I remember the first time I saw my son Steven, my first born, I knew him in that moment, I recognized him I knew him and he was mine, I changed from a young woman to a mother that very moment. Raising my three children was my commission, I became a teacher, a care giver I became what ever was needed and when they were ready to step out into the world on their own I had to let go. I raise three independent individuals my role changed and I had to let go, now I do the same thing Jerry does I wait for a call or a visit and I am thrilled when they do call. My heart swells with pride when I watch them, they are my gift to the world and it is a better place because they are here. Mind you they are not perfect they are just good people they are my tribe, they take part of me with them into the future. So whether it is Fathers day or Mothers day we are thrilled to have any excuse what so ever to be with our children. Today was Fathers day and we enjoyed every minute of it, but at the end of the day we hold hands and return refreshed with love and we are happy to be able to return to normal, the house is now quiet, just right for a nap or a good read or maybe some quilting we are refreshed and happy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

June is not busting out all over

It is cold and wet even the slugs are having trouble getting from puddle to puddle, however they have found every one of my squash. I tuck them here and there around the yard and hope for the best, I have lost all of them this year, my dear friend with a green thumb came by today with a new supply of cukes and zucks, it is too late for any pumpkins to mature but if we get a couple of warm days maybe I will a little crop. My tomatoes are still alive but have stopped growing, they also await the sun. It is funny how our mood changes with the suns arrival. Here in the Pacific NW when the sun shines it is glorious, it takes your breathe away. yet when the sun does not shine there is still beauty but nothing compared to when the sun shines. Today was such a grey day even the cats stayed in and slept all day rather then venture out into the rain.
This morning I watched a little chipmunk scamper about the deck somehow he knew the cats were in and it was safe, I say a prayer for his safety each morning, he is so cute and reckless he may have a short life.
I am recovering from my surgery, and I am getting cabin fever, I have visions of escaping in my new car and driving somewhere, anywhere, but alas I just do not have the energy to do it, so I pick away at my quilting and dream of the wind in my hair and my radio blasting good old rock n roll music as I drive somewhere, anywhere in my new green turtle car.
Oh well tomorrow is Fathers day lets hope we have a dry day, so to all of you have a Happy Fathers day

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Heron finally finished

Well he is finally finished and looking pretty good but you should see the other ones they are great, there will be a public showing May 26 at the Gig Harbor City Center then the birds go their separate ways and will spend time at a specific location in the Harbor, mine will be at the Maritime Inn. The birds then go to the Gig Harbor Yacht Club for the big night the Salmon Chanted Evening Auction Sat Sept 18Th, it is going to be a grand party and auction with all proceeds going to our local schools providing art education and hands on experience for the children in our Community; a really good cause.
I would love to have him standing upright but I can not figure out how to fix him so just tip your heads to left and hold it there and imagine him standing in a pool of clear water full of pretty stones and shells

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Will this Peacock fly?

I have been working on my Heron, a life size Heron who now resides in my dinning room along with a full size Christmas tree. I was juried into the Salmonchanted Harbor fund raiser for Art in the Schools a noble project indeed and my Bird is not the average heron he is to be Gig Harbor's
Peacock. My oh my does he sparkle and I wonder how he will fit into this up scale Art auction. I have enjoyed the process but I have spent so much time just looking at him, and pondering what to do next I think I must get away for a day to re-focus. We turn them in Thursday he will be ready, he is actually almost completed just some adjusting of feathers and doing his eyes; what I planned is not quite working so back to the drawing board. I have to laugh at myself I just do not know where these ideas come from, and if others will like him? that is the question. It seems like will someone like him enough to buy him. Everyone who has seen him just walks around him saying wow, wow; I'm not sure what that means, he is different to say the least. Well for now I am going to bed early, yes tonight it will be before mid night, tomorrow I will do the final touches and off he goes to wait for the big unveiling at Gig Harbors Civic Center all fifteen of the birds will be have their debut there. From there each one is assigned to a local business until the big Auction, mine will be at the Maritime Inn, so mark your calenders for September 18Th and come to the big fund raiser for Art in the schools and bring your wallets I think you will need them...............Jerry says he doesn't want me to buy him back, he just does not fit our decor two months in the dinning room was enough.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taxes and Sugar Plums

I have been working on our taxes and, well what can I say, Oh I will be glad when I get this job finished why the delay? you say, well we will have to pay a goodly sum and I like to hold on to our money as long as I can. So tomorrow will be the day.
Why Taxes and sugar plums, our Granddaughter Hailey is staying the night, what a dear little soul she is, she is so willing to help and do what ever I am doing. Her bright eyes taking everything in and what a chit chatter she just talks away telling delightful stories of school and friends. I watched her with her doll and the gentle way she carried it and tucked it in to its bed, you could just see into her minds and know she was treating and caring for a real baby. She even talked softly to her baby as she gently patted its covering, it was such a gossamer moment for me. A pure moment of sugarplum delight.
Grandmothers are blessed to have their grand children around it is a shared blessing because both share a gift of love and understanding; parents sometimes are so busy they miss the special moments, those times when the child flops back on the sofa and tells a story using her arms and bouncing her head in exuberance shares the tale, the comfortable way they fling their bodies totally unaware of their sexuality and feeling safe in that innocence of being a child open to adventure and mystery. Her soul is free from the pain of this world, the cruelty and dangers she may have to face, the reality of growing up and having others hurt and betray you. She will lose that innocence in time and become an adult. She will carry her worries into the future. A future that no longer honors she inner desires to be a mother; that pure and innocent urge to love to be a mother will be tested and she may never get the chance. The young men in her future will not want to marry and carry the responsibility of raising a family. Family structure is breaking the honor of commitment. The dedication of raising children for the future is slipping away, family traditions are neglected, in many cases they are not even being taught in our modern Churches or schools, or in the homes of honorable men and women.
My heart grows heavy thinking about what is ahead for her, these few pure moments I savor will pass they will not be lost, my minds eye I will carry that memory and I will do my best to be there for her and help strengthen her for the future and I hope for more quiet times when we can just do what is natural for two women to share, to be female and share our walk; the old woman and the young walking together sharing their laughter, strengths,and wisdom and their mutual love of one another, that love will hold us together. We will guide each other for the day will come when she sits back watching me, as I talk to myself of memories of the past, she will be the strong and wise one for me I will take her arm for protection. That is why we have family for our walk changes and the time will come for all of us to lean on another younger than ourselves, someone to help us in our final walk.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Natures Easter Egg Hunt

Today I hung Easter eggs on my Christmas tree in the dinning room, yes it is still up I will turn on the lights for Easter and I have put prizes in each egg, the Grand children will get to pick one. One will get a twenty dollar bill the others less I think we will have rain. very cold rain so this will fill the gap if we can't have an outside hunt....anyway Jerry hung eggs on our apple tree and the wind and hale did a number on them, mother nature did her own egg hunt. the kids will be disappointed when they find eggs with nothing but a hole in it. I make Baby Back ribs and a large upside down pineapple cake and Jerry is doing a fruit salad, the rest of the meal will come with the kids.......We will all take hands and give thanks for another safe year and remember what Christ gave so freely to us. Hopefully we will have story time telling of Easters past I always like to do that it helps to connect use to our memories. Our young ones will learn the family history and we will all get a glimpse into each heart.
The dinning room will be a little cramped because not only do we have a full size Christmas tree I have the life size Heron standing in a resin pond, I am to decorate him to be auctioned off for Art in the Schools, it is a really big deal one of the Salmon that was made last year sold for $9000 hopefully some generous person will like mine and bid a goodly amount. There were 16 Artist chosen for this years auction and I was one of them, my buddy in crime Jody was also chosen so we are madly designing quilted Heron's, mine of course will be a Long tall Peacock with beads and sequins ,silk and glitz, Jody's will be a little more traditional. The auction is called Salmon Enchanted evening it is a grand affair and a big deal in our little city of Gig Harbor. They have made thousands in the past to support art in the local schools, the information should be on the web soon giving dates and a little artist recognition.
Well it is 12:30 and I said I would be in bed by 12:00 so off I go to dream of bunnies and eggs and how lucky I am to have such a great family to share Easter with. May you all have a lovely sunny Easter

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tears of Hate

Tears of Hate

Tears and fear run together
Head spins with so many whys
Why so much hate
Who taught the child
Now a man standing with smoking gun
So proud of what he had done
Now an animal on the run
Who paid the bail so he could kill
Tears for the families of the fallen
Weeping for loved ones left alone
Hot tears burn, as new fears fester
Hate feels so natural and right
My God says that is not the way
Love is the healer of broken hearts
Faith is the door to finding new hope
Through prayer I will find my hiding place
True prayer is a powerful weapon for peace,
Yet the pain is so fresh and the blood is not yet dry
Love and hate burns in my heart
Today prayer is not my weapon of choice.

I wrote that verse last fall when four honorable police were executed, my heart is troubled about the seemingly increase in violence towards our men and women in Blue. It is not just the criminals, it is in off handed remarks about getting a ticket or calling them pigs, attaching the cop who fires his gun. You hear it in the media, as they hint of wrong doing by the policeman during a shooting or riot. They are spit on, harassed verbally and physically. The young thugs taunted them to do something wrong. the gangs and thugs all know their hands are tied, the Men in Blue must hold the line. They are not super humans, they are just like us, to expect them to never show emotion is crule. Yes I know they do not have to do it, but who will have the courage ? Who can constantly be emotionless, who else could hold up under those circumstances? What they are required to put up with is inhuman, We treat then shabbily and expect them to run to our aid and protect us.
The sad thing is it is better for them to be killed in the line of duty than to be injured on the job. They suffer the insult of having problems with treatment, long term care and financial burdens and they are treated like second class citizens. There are support organizations set up to help them but we as citizens are not supporting them, and they can not do enough.
Search your heart and seek ways to help, encourage the injured, reach out to the widows and children of the fallen. Give then your respect and support, do it in what ever way you can no matter how small , a kind jesture, a smile, a wave make sure they know you appreciate them.
They are sons and daughters, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters they are part of a family, OUR FAMILY

Friday, March 5, 2010

Am I cured yet?

It is amazing I had a problem, and needed some reconstructive surgery, I want my money back I have been sick every since, bladder infections and anti-biotiics and now acute colitis caused by the cure OMG and I was looking forwards to the surgery in the brand new hospital.they just built it down the street. The hospital just celebrated its year anniversary and I have been there four times I need to quit this habit. I justs hope I recover from the cure. We will be flying home from Palm Deseert tomorrow morning,lets hope it is an unadventful flight....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friends are lifes frosting

I gave a talk recently sharing my antique quilts and their stories to a local Guild, as I talked about a signature quilt I had, detailing how little I knew about the quilt and the many signatures that were on the quilt dated "1899 ladies Aid society bought by R T Fryer for his wife" that was all I knew. A friend was sitting in the back of the room she lit up with great smiles and she was surely hopping in her seat; after my talk she came to me and told how much she loved genealogy and could she please do some checking into this quilt, I have five different ones and she wanted to see what she could find out about the people who made the quilts. All I can say is yahoo she is a wonder. She took the first one and found out where it was made, the year, the families represented on the quilt and the local history of the town and counties around it. there were 273 signatures and many are all relatives of R. T. she took photos of each signature and the one X and started a six month journey into the past. She has finally finished R T's quilt it is all cataloged into a binder three inches thick. She is still working on the other four. The work she has done equals hundreds of hours of work and a passion for genealogy far more fierce than mine for quilts, the glowing smile on her face is so wonderful, you just feel good all over listening to her talk about what she has found and the excitement of the hunt. Friends are so special and when they share a common passion mountains can be moved. The quilt is old and tattered but now with the history that goes with it. A treasured piece of history that I will some day give to the towns Historical society and R T Fryer's family will remain an important piece of history. Thank you so much Sue you are a treasured friend.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cruising the Ocean Blue

The vacation of a life time as we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. When Jerry proposed I said no cruise for a honeymoon, this lady gets sea sick and I did not want to spend our honeymoon in the bathroom.....So twenty five years go happily by and a 14 day cruise to the Panama is planned. Jerry has always wanted to go and the Holland America line are really great, so I think it will work with the patch and first aid station right on the ship, you see I checked them out seven years before. We went on a short cruise down the Mexican Riviera and the first aid station did wonders for this sick puppy.
The trip was wonderful the first twelve days the last two were not so fun, we hit the California record storm s three of them and the ship did the rock and roll, slamming and banging for thirty six hours of hell, I was so sick I could not leave the room. It will be a long time before I consider going on cruise again.
Other than my sickness, what a lovely time we had snorkeling in Aruba, taking an eight passenger Tram over and through the rain forest at the top of the trees it was lovely. We also went on a road trip to Mayan ruins outside of Acapulco, however the drive thou the city was amazing, there were people, cars, trucks, buses , taxis, bikes, a mass of people everywhere bumper to bumper all merging and moving along in the most unbelievable congestion possible and yet it all seemed normal to the people everyone was on a mission and they just worked their way through the crowded streets it was amazing to watch. Now I know why so many are up here the crowded conditions are unbelievable.
We had five course meals every night with the most delightful people, I am going to miss those stimulating conversations with John and Betty from England and my cousin Gail and Fred we talked about everything, John was a retired Head Master and so very interested in America.
Now we are home and the house and cats faired well without us, however they both follow me around like sick puppies, walking on my desk and rubbing their wet noses on my cheek up and down my arm and just plain in my face, I hope this faze wears off soon....I did a bit of beading and played bingo, trivia and we eat the most wonderful food. I will be going on a diet once I settle in at home, clothes are a bit tight. The twenty seventh is the actual day of our wedding I am giving a lecture in the morning and we will go out to dinner, nothing fancy just plain ordinary food and a movie. We are so glad to be home.
Once we got home I received the sad news of a dear friends death, Maureen Sorenson was a dear lady and I will miss her sweet smile and soft laugh, she had a lot of hardship and pain in her life yet she was as sweet and dear as if she had been protected all her life, the pains of sadness never tainted her sweet spirit, I will miss her friendship. Family and friends are the sweetness of life what would we do if we never shared their love and lives, how lonely our lives would be. I know as the years go by there will be many more sad good beys, as loved ones fall. Loss is part of our experience how we deal with the pain is our own test of faith and we will all be tested before our lives end. I pray for many friends and the time to watch my family grow. Having a dear friend like Maureen enriched my life, losing her is a deep sadness but I will remember her smile and the friendship she gave me and I thank God she was my dear friend, even for a little while.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston