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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gig Harbor Art Center Alliance is coming

Yes it is true we in Gig Harbor and all communities near by will have a wonderful Regional Art Center with all the facilities needed by local artist and their audience's, theaters for the preforming arts, music dance and so much more.  Check it out go to the web site GHACA and read about it first hand; click on the video and enjoy; also send a check of support for this wonderful asset to our communities; the land has been donated and the wonderful design complete now we go into the feasibility study and we need the local artist to come out and send cash for this worthy project, just think how you and your family will be influenced by this wonderful venue in our own community, concerts, plays, film festival, quilt shows and classes wow it is going to be great; and with your help it will be here sooner.
We artist attended the wonderful party to kick off the fund raising  for GHACA  feasibility study 

Janet Larson enjoying the entertainment 

Ann and Sherry

wonderful you dancer she was so good

they all were

There were three lovely young dancers, thespians', two musical groups and wonderful foods and drink a good time was had by all.
Saturday afternoon we went into town and took a picnic to Ruston way and enjoyed the beauty of a summers day


 Then we drove around checking out landscaping and per chance a garage sale--Wow  we

spotted this yard, someone does not have enough to do, it looks different and nice in its own way.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

We had a Garage sale here and what fun

So many nice people came by and I had a wonderful time talking about all manner of subjects.  My girls are here to help and what a joy they are.  Now my son has arrived and I am in fat city.  Listening to them  talk and interact is such fun.  They banter and giggle just like they did growing up I  am so happy they love each other so, they have an inner circle that they share and the only problem is I am the old one,  I am not part of the circle. I know when I pass they will still be close they do not  need me to hold them together.  I think I did good.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It is that time of year again--the flowers in our yard are oh so wonderful

This morning I could not resist, first light I took my camera out side and strolled my little place in heaven, those pest the bunnies were out in force I know they hit my dahlias' from time to time but they are so cute I just watched them. 
I stayed up pretty late doing a child's quilt for save the children shows Judy Howard  OK is doing; it will be traveling for at least a year so with my flowers here is my little quilt called "Dream along with me"
It was a fun one to quilt to make it is only 14x16

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston