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Friday, March 21, 2014


We are doing our journey south, Jerry has already weighed our suitcases and we are maxed out so he zipped them up and said no more.  Now I have to figure out how I am going to get the rest of my stuff on the plane.  Half of my suitcase is full of the craft project I am taking.  We have to entertain this old lady, plus a quilt I made for my granddaughter I thought it was better taking it rather than mailing it.  Ashley will be spending her birthday with us so it seemed like a good idea. now I think that was a mistake oh well.  I will have to strap a few things to my body but we may make it.  Our son is housesitting so our little princess will be well loved. He is 6"4" so our place will be well protected no worry there.
Just seems the older I am the more I need to pack, pills, c-pap, laptop, my projects, shoes for the pool shoes for when we go out, hiking shoes, make-up, dental care, pain remedies, spices to prepare foods we will be in a condo and I just can not cook without some spice, cribbage board and cards oh my gosh the list goes on and on, this packing is a job.  Jerry says if it gets any more complicated it just is not worth it, well I do not think we are there yet.  I have stopped taking my pillow and flippers and many other items no more tennis rackets, golf clubs, floatation devices' well you can get the picture there is always the etcetera's that we drag along. I admit I am the main offender but his shoes are really big if he would take just one less pair I could get some more in his suitcase.  He has put the cases at the door so access is impossible I will just have to work on my little problem, you know we ladies are crafty and I am sure I will over come this problem.  Oh my gosh I forget to pick up that last prescription so wish us luck, and that the snow does not fall on our pathway to the airport.

Vacation Ready
Oh worry, worry we are on our way
Our bags are stuffed to capacity
Oh dear oh dear it just occurred to me
I have no room to shop, oh my what will I do.
Fear not  "Goodwill" never fails
We'll  find an old suitcase or maybe two
So with that in mind I believe I am ready
To take to the skies carefree and white knuckled
I will surely return browned with sun freckles
Dang I don't have room for the scales.

There are no pot holes in the sky
So why is the plane going bump bump bump
Oh I wonder why so high up in the sky
Bump bump bump
I think this woman wasn't meant to fly

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston