"Antique Quilts are hugs from the past" They are my passion, fact is I AM A QUILT-A-HOLIC AND PROUD OF IT. If you want to e-mail me it is quiltladyIII@aol.com and please do leave a comment. Also check out my Flickr account - http://www.flickr.com/photos/delainegatelyquilts/

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring is just around the corner

My I get so excited when I see the little points of green pushing their way out of this cold winter ground, the tulips and daff's are still alive, despite the grey squirls. Those fat grey squirls are so much fun to watch, but I know they are tilling my flower garden for bulbs , I give them sunflower seeds which we buy by the hundred pound bags, but they love the bulbs. I usually plant more each fall but not last year I was way too busy quilting to do yard work. This year will be different I love my flower beds and they really missed me this year. Gardening is like quilting each plant is a piece of my out door quilt. I love color and texture and it goes where ever I go, so even in the yard texture and design are always at play. Being a quilt-a-holic is a full time job.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another quilt

This one was found as a to 84x84 top several years ago.

A friend and two of her friends quilted it they had it four years almost finished. Because of the death of her husband it was put aside and I kept forgetting about it but here it is and I think it is a great quilt circa 1890 - 1910 possibly earlier. great cadet blue I washed it and it came out wonderfully fluffy and fresh one spot did not however it is much lighter. I will continue to work on it. Thank you ladies.

Pacific Northwest Beauty

Living on my hill:
A cold crisp morning
A sunset to warm your heart
Beginning and ending of a winters day
Life in the Pacific Northwest

Monday, January 17, 2011

My latest creations plus

This is my grand-daughter Anna and her quilt, I had just finished it and she scarfed it up and took it home I did not have time to get a good photo of it, but hey look at what a beauty she is.

I'm having trouble I have an article from Kim Wulfert in this post I do not know how it got there so along with my two quilts you get the article in blue free..........

This room can be very shadowy, sometimes it’s cold and damp
This is my inner place I have to light the fire
I carry the wood and bank the flames.
I am the keeper of the fire; I must illuminate the space.
If the room is to be warm I must do the work.
I kindle the warm glow of memories to light my way.
The hard emotional times are found deep within
I keep those memories concealed in the dark corners.
I enjoy the silence and feel sheltered in my cabin.
In my journal I find the freedom to explore my inner fears.
I can take the candle to the dark corners only if I choose.
Yes there are times I will do just that.
With pen in hand I start a fire that draws me in
I seek understanding as my memories warm the room
My journal is a private place where I go to warm my soul.___________________________________________I love your use of fire as an analogy for insight journaling. Bringing light to the darkness, within and without is so important. Thank you for sharing your poetry Delaine. Delaine Gately also designed the cover of Changing times: Women's Stories and her winning story Mattie's Quilt was included inside along with another story she wrote titled The Little Box.If you haven't tried to write poetry- the secret is to not try, but just free-flow write on a theme that you feel inspired by such as something said, felt or seen. Keep the sentences short, chunk them into stanzas afterward, and there is no need to rhythm. If it's possible, write when the inspiration hits, as fast and quickly as you can. Your creative neurochemicals' spark is on your side for a short time, so grab it while it's hot. You can go back over it later. Inspiration is everywhere. I'm often grabbed by what someone says or buy a celebration, happy or sad, big or private.And, of course, keep your poems coming, or post them yourself. I have others I will share if you would like that. Let me know dear readers.Here is a little reminder about how to post a comment so that others can be a part of a discussion. There doesn't seem to be a way to comment directly from the Feedburner post sent to subscribers. It seems you must be on the Blogger page itself. So if you click on the colored title of the emailed post you will be taken to the Blogger page it is on and you will find the comment section at the end of the post. If someone knows how I can make it possible to comment from the subscriber post, please get in touch with me. Piece,Kimkwulfert@earthlink.net
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I belong to a Monday quilting group we have been meeting for sixteen years, and once a year we have a challenge. This year it was make a quilt depicting a favorite movie, I worked on a theme for almost three months finally I got one, now it is finished and we will turn them in the end of march, there will be silly prizes and great fun seeing every ones creations, then the quilts will hang in our local library for a month, lets see if you can guess it.

This year I have made a resolution

2011 New Years Resolution

I have just turned another decade on my speedometer of life; to me it was a big one. Now I feel there are some decisions I should be making, you see so many of my peers are down sizing. I have thought about it but to no real consequence, I am not ready, I should be, but no I love all of my treasures. I keep giving things to my children and grand children and I still have what some would consider “too much” That is a fact. I am trying to get things in order, tagged and sorted getting rid of the odd things but for me everything is of use. “Someday” I will have a great garage sale, hopefully I will be there to enjoy it, but if not I believe, my children will have a great time going through it all.
One might say I am a hoarder of sorts; yes, I am getting close to that invisible line of collector verse hoarder; one of the problems is the big house, you have no idea how many big closets there are in this place. Nevertheless, I must confess they are getting full, so this years resolution is to clean out as much as I can with out going into depression. Maybe I can make some money God knows I have a treasure of treasures here none of it is junk, just very nice pieces that I could not pass up because of the good prices. Therefore, that is the goal of 2011, clear out the excesses and rearranges the keepers. Yes, I believe I can do that I am ready.
Wait a minute, what about the hunt oh my I do love the hunt shall I forsake that also, no I can not do that it is one of my favorite pastimes haunting the antique and thrift stores, why they even know me by name. I guess the redeeming quality would be that word of words “moderation”, yes that is it I will not give it up but I will practice a new set of rules, rules of moderation. I will practice saying, “walk away a a, walk away” and see how that goes before I make any hard fast plans of giving it up. There they are my 2011 New Years resolutions. I can live with that.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did God do it?

So many times I walk through a situation and wonder how it would be if God did not have his hand on my life. The day to day walk is sometimes over whelming and other times it seems so mundane and meaningless. Most acquaintances do not even know I am a believer. I do not wear a shield or praise God with every breath yet I know His hand is on my every move. He is there to guide me and hold me safe. I am not invincible my faith does not make me safe from life's stings or injury or even death. The world we live in is racked with heart break and dangers we face some type of threat everyday.
To drive on the freeway is one simple example, it is just as safe as going into a war zone, five thousand pound vehicles and the unbelievably large trucks are flying past at break neck speeds, cutting you off and seemingly aiming at you personally, claiming your space. Just thinking about it is a fearsome thought, experiencing those near misses time after time is something we take for granted. People are killed or maimed daily and we do not even think about it. We jump in our cars, stomp on the accelerator and merge into into the danger zone without a thought of the dreadful dangers or the horrific statistics. I like so many have to go through the Borgen round-about to get anywhere, what an adventure that is.
I say a prayer every time I start the engine; you see I have an aggressively determined personality and I tend to drive with a grit to my spirit that may surprise you. My personality is not naturally submissive, especially when I get behind the wheel so by reminding myself that God is with me tempers my aggressions. That is just one example one way I live with my faith, it is a daily experience I share with My Lord, no matter what comes my way I know His hand is on my life. There is an old song, In the Garden, that says "He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own" I love that song and it says exactly what my faith means to me. I feel He is with me in every thing I do, no matter what befalls my life I know that my Redeemer Liveth...
I want that song sang at my funeral as my last good bye, because it is what I believe.
My goodness this sounds like a sermon, anyway watching what has happened in Arizona reminds me of how safe I feel with God as my co-pilot. He is with me no matter what danger comes my way, we have a future together here and on the other side...
I am not afraid of one man's "crazy hatred" hate is all around us we experience it daily. I am disturbed by the negative insults that are being dropped here and there to make political points, they are not necessary and have nothing to do with this incident.
Enough said, life is a moment by moment experience we just never know what is ahead for us or the ones we love; so take on an extra protection and invite God to walk with you it is really quite easy.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The question was "What is your passion"

In 1976 I started quilting to fill a void in my life, I had a job that was tedious and thankless, there was nothing to show for all the work I did no product, no finished piece to hold, once it was completed it was gone we moved on to another job.
Therefore, I started quilting to give me that feeling of satisfaction of creating something beautiful, to hold, something I created that was the original motive. Let us say I have gone far beyond that goal, I have found my Art, and I call it spontaneous combustion or construction. When an idea comes, I jump in and work on it to the end, I may do an all-night er or a couple, but I am compulsive, I must complete it. I spend hours just looking at it, adjusting it, picking just the right piece, ripping out, re-arranging I become totally absorbed in the process. Quilting has become my passion, that is why my family calls me the Quilt Lady--oh and I collect antique quilts, I have a few to fuel my obsession.
The truth be known I am compulsive and I have many passions, Quilting is number one of many.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow 2010 was great 2011 is a new year full of hope

I have trouble with it being 2011, seems like it was just yesterday and we were preparing for the Y2K's pending disaster, that never happened. Now it has been ten years and doom has not arrived in my life. 2010 has been one of the best years I have ever had. I'm sure some of our unemployed fellow citizens feel that it is dooms day. To have your home in jeopardy and not know where your family is going to live must be the worst experience a family could go through, excluding death.
Facing death always takes first place in the heart break category. The death of a loved one is final, there is no second chance, no wait a minute, we are not ready, death rules. With out faith it must be the blackest place on earth, because even with faith the pain of loss is so heavy on the soul, it is like an elephant on your chest, you suddenly understand what heart ache is, your heart actually hurts. I speak from experience and it is a hard walk, but it is a walk all of us must go through in life. It would be nice if we are the only one who dies in our life time, but it does not work that way. Everyone, well just about everyone has the capacity to love, we are wired that way by God. We are to love one another, that is the most important commandant if we do nothing else we must love and the more you love the harder it is to loss your love. There is a good chance you will loss a loved one in our life. It is part of our walk we will all experience it, how we handle it is our measure of faith. Faith some call it "The conscienceness of God" I call it faith, it gives life meaning, and the assurance that there is more to our existence then just a life on earth, we are here to love and share our faith with each other. When we walk in faith the sting of death will not break us, we will go on because we know there is life after death and the loved ones we have lost are now with God and they wait for us. We will all be together in God's house forever. That belief that faith has carried me through my grief and I have found a peace with in my grief.
As the years fly by and my family draws near for the Christmas season, I visualize the ones I loved so dearly standing with us as we join hands and thank God for the last year and ask for his protection in the coming year. I find I have been a better person for having loved, even with the pain of loss I would not have missed their love and the experience of knowing and loving them. The time we were together made my life sweeter, and I thank God for that time. No one can ever replace my mother, but the memory of her love for me will sustain me until we meet again, and I know I will meet her and the many others I had the privilege to know and love, yes I will be with them again.
So friends love each other in this new year, 2011, hold on to your faith. If you do not have faith seek the truths of the Bible let God speak to your heart, he will guide you to "that peace that passes all understanding" it is a real peace and it comes with faith. So be happy and have a very Happy 2011

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston