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Monday, January 25, 2010

Cruising the Ocean Blue

The vacation of a life time as we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. When Jerry proposed I said no cruise for a honeymoon, this lady gets sea sick and I did not want to spend our honeymoon in the bathroom.....So twenty five years go happily by and a 14 day cruise to the Panama is planned. Jerry has always wanted to go and the Holland America line are really great, so I think it will work with the patch and first aid station right on the ship, you see I checked them out seven years before. We went on a short cruise down the Mexican Riviera and the first aid station did wonders for this sick puppy.
The trip was wonderful the first twelve days the last two were not so fun, we hit the California record storm s three of them and the ship did the rock and roll, slamming and banging for thirty six hours of hell, I was so sick I could not leave the room. It will be a long time before I consider going on cruise again.
Other than my sickness, what a lovely time we had snorkeling in Aruba, taking an eight passenger Tram over and through the rain forest at the top of the trees it was lovely. We also went on a road trip to Mayan ruins outside of Acapulco, however the drive thou the city was amazing, there were people, cars, trucks, buses , taxis, bikes, a mass of people everywhere bumper to bumper all merging and moving along in the most unbelievable congestion possible and yet it all seemed normal to the people everyone was on a mission and they just worked their way through the crowded streets it was amazing to watch. Now I know why so many are up here the crowded conditions are unbelievable.
We had five course meals every night with the most delightful people, I am going to miss those stimulating conversations with John and Betty from England and my cousin Gail and Fred we talked about everything, John was a retired Head Master and so very interested in America.
Now we are home and the house and cats faired well without us, however they both follow me around like sick puppies, walking on my desk and rubbing their wet noses on my cheek up and down my arm and just plain in my face, I hope this faze wears off soon....I did a bit of beading and played bingo, trivia and we eat the most wonderful food. I will be going on a diet once I settle in at home, clothes are a bit tight. The twenty seventh is the actual day of our wedding I am giving a lecture in the morning and we will go out to dinner, nothing fancy just plain ordinary food and a movie. We are so glad to be home.
Once we got home I received the sad news of a dear friends death, Maureen Sorenson was a dear lady and I will miss her sweet smile and soft laugh, she had a lot of hardship and pain in her life yet she was as sweet and dear as if she had been protected all her life, the pains of sadness never tainted her sweet spirit, I will miss her friendship. Family and friends are the sweetness of life what would we do if we never shared their love and lives, how lonely our lives would be. I know as the years go by there will be many more sad good beys, as loved ones fall. Loss is part of our experience how we deal with the pain is our own test of faith and we will all be tested before our lives end. I pray for many friends and the time to watch my family grow. Having a dear friend like Maureen enriched my life, losing her is a deep sadness but I will remember her smile and the friendship she gave me and I thank God she was my dear friend, even for a little while.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston