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Thursday, April 3, 2014

NO MORE YAHOO HERE............

I spend way too much time on my lap top, but I am ready to quit.  When I realized they have control of all your information, well my information is really very dull so that did not bother me so much; but now they "That's the big They in the sky" who ever they are have crossed the line.  I am a creature of habit in some things,  playing cribbage before going to bed was one of my "pleasures" I guess it became a habit, not a bad one.  One might say it was a constructive habit, it stimulated my mind and I loved it.
Now Yahoo has drop the page and my "play cribbage yahoo" is gone and I do not think it will be back.  I think what galls me is I had no control of the decision, it was made without my input and I have no power to change it.  My Yahoo cribbage is gone and I am so sad, and mad, dang I do not like some unknown entity having power over my desires...I feel like a little kid who just had her marbles stolen, and I do not like it.  Believe me there will be no more yahoo in my house.  What do you think, do you think they will miss me???

Just a couple of pictures to get my mind off of  YAHOO

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston