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Saturday, June 25, 2011

So much has happened--question is it really summer?

Yesterday was spectacular today glum.  The garden seems to be in suspended state of no growth too cold to grow then it is hot for a day, makes me think about our forefathers trying to eek out a living without Costco.  Those hardy people survived and built this wonderful country on faith and hard work.  Our young people have no concept of what it was like to start out with nothing and build a future.  So many expect a hand out.  They have been taught to be mediocre and the values of stick-to-it ness and the goal of a winning spirit have been watered down in a mind set of "you are okay even if you do not try hard"  as long as you turn something is you pass.  Standards have been lowered to help the low achievers feel good about them selves and the high achievers are not inspired to achieve because there is no advantage, no challenge.  I attended a graduation that was so watered down to make everybody feel good about graduation and yes it was a big deal; so many graduated in name only.  The speeches were about good looking girls and tattoos and friends.  High achievement was not glorified it was ignored.  The Staff adviser's speech was about her finally graduating after 10 years and she spoke in Spanish most of the time. I was not impressed. The crowd was ruckus and loud they did have a lot to celebrate, because most of those kids probably would have dropped out if the standards had not been lowered to accommodate their low achievements.  Was this all about State and Federal funds, teachers Unions and head counts, to keep them in school so the district gets money at any cost; I wonder. 
There were high achievers noted on the program, but no recognition, I for one noticed the stars next to their names and I say well done, be proud of your achievement and go out and change the world for the better.  The future is theirs to build they have the heritage of generations of hardworking people with the grit to succeed.  You few will make the world a better place to live be proud of your achievement's; shine bright in a dark world, be the stars you were meant to be.  Today is the first day of your future make it bright.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston