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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We are now waiting out the wind storm

Hot sandy winds blowing across the valley, no sitting by the pool this afternoon, the morning was great just a bit of a breeze, but no more.  This will be a late afternoon movie time.  The golfers are having a heck of a time and the patio table and chairs are moving about making awful dragging sounds.  All of that and the sun is shining so very bright from inside it looks lovely.
Ashley and I went to visit her maternal Great-grandmother, she is 97 and complaining about not being able to golf, she says she would be going but the old man (her Husband) will not allow her to drive anymore.

We had a lovely visit she told about family history shared stories it was a nice time, then we went out and picked grapefruit I do not know what we will do with them all, while we were picking in the front "The Old Man" was picking in the backyard we have a lot of grapefruit.
OMG the sprinklers went on and we are in a storm of water it is flying everywhere.

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Edmonds Ferry to Kingston