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Monday, December 28, 2009

It is funny how fast the holidays fly when you are trying to get everything for everybody and trying to make sure nothing is forgotten, yet there is always that last dash to the store for some special ingredient, oh the holidays I love them. I love having my house full of family and friends the sound of children running around the house and the sweet little voices asking if it is time to open presents. Those last frantic hours were tiring and once the party began in four hours it was over. The good byes and kisses prayers for safety and then silence. I have to admit the last two days I have been in my robe all day, the left overs have kept us fed and movies held our attention between naps. Tomorrow will be different I will get up early and go to town shopping is hard work and I must rest up. New Years will be quiet I will take some sparklers out on the deck while Jerry sleeps and hoop a la the new year in alone as usual, then hop into bed with cold feet and remind my love it is the new New Year. My heart breaks when Jerry takes down the lights, I just hate it when we go back to everyday life. The Christmas tree well that is different
I put it up and I take it down if I please, last year I did not take it down and what a breeze it was getting ready for the festivities. I am still pondering whether to take it down or not, I polished all the crystal ornaments so the tree does sparkle, I will let you know later whether I take it down or not for now it stays and I will light it every night if I please until I am tired of it. So for now cuddle up and keep warm and have a Happy New Year

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas coming fast

Christmas seems to sneak up on you until the 9th then it goes into warp speed, the flu is dropping family members like over ripe apples off a tree. As I write there are 3 down, it is always a worry when the little ones start running 103+ temps and they are so lethargic poor Mommies and Dads .
For the older set we are fairing well, and planning a bash on the 20th for the whole family plus friends, I guess that means we will have to clean house, well at least clear the hall ways, seems I am leaving debris in the halls; Jerry is always neat if he leaves anything it is always neatly folded then piled in odd places, thank goodness he is neat this place would be a disaster if he was not.
For so many the Holidays bring memories of loss, why is it so many family and friends die during the Christmas season, are we just more aware or is this a seasonal curse? I pray for the ones left behind and hope they can let go of the pain and find joy with the family and friends. My theory is if you do not have family here for the Holidays adopt them or let someone adopt you there is too much sadness going around. We all have to pull together to help bring some sunshine into the lives of those alone during this season of lights. Do not take " no " for an answer, if they will not come out, go to them take some special food, talk to them about their grief, share their grief and help them come out their disparaging depression...Yes it takes time and this time of year does not allow much time but there is a magic that happens when you give time to others somehow you find you still have time for yourself. The magic of giving, yes there is a magic and this time of year it is there for you, so try it, find the magic and the promise of love shared. Isn't that what this season is all about. Give love, not pain, there is so much to gain; wow is that poetic or what?
We are all in this thing called" life" together, reach out and start a chain reaction of love.
Look at how much of an impact was made by the thousands who stood with the families of those fallen Officers, something good will come from that "sharing of love and concern" it will change hearts, and change the way we look at those who serve and protect, that negative event will bring a positive reaction, and I want to be part of that action. God bless America.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

This season holds much sadness in my heart, we lost four of our finest, shot down in cold blood.
I think about what Christmas will be like for their families from this year on memories of lost loves, the pain of grieving returns with the season. There is always a death of someone close during the holidays it just seems to happen, but this was different these good people were shot down by a man crazed with hate for law and order. The fact they were white justified the hate; there seems to be a deep under current of hate from our fellow black people. I know this is only a few but their numbers seem to be growing, their young are being taught to hate and they know every hip hop song by heart but do not know the Constitution or why America is free and they are not proud to be Americans. God bless them, they do not understand they are blessed to be Americans. I know there are many conservative noble black men and women who are going against the tide of hate and struggle to be heard; they are out numbered by ignorance and hate. We must stand with them and do everything we can to change this evolutionary trend by being involved in our schools and communities and by making sure we are teaching patriotism and love of country. We are Americans first, not Nordic, White or Black Americans we are" AMERICANS" first, our race tells where we came from not where we are.
This will be a sad Christmas for so many; lets each one of us set a goal to help someone in need and to reach out to our neighbors no matter their race. No matter what your religion is the truths Christ taught are as relevant today as they were centuries ago,"Love one another" and may your God and mine Bless this nation. Make it a Merry Christmas season of sharing and love.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gig Harbor Quilt Festival is over and we did good, Nan the new Silent Auction Chair pulled it off she made $1,134 more them mine did last year, all in all I think it will be around $24,000.oo by the time all is counted, yahoo for our little team. Working is so much fun and we need more volunteers so keep us in mind when you are wondering what to do with your self next year. Now I am getting ready for my Featured Artist show, a "one woman show" It is a lot of work dragging half of your house into a 20x10 booth deciding what to bring to make it look interesting is a challenge. One never feels succure about showing all your creations to strangers I am always asking family, and friends "what do you think" I'm a bit compulsive in that department, but I know it is my own insecurity that makes me do it and my family and friends understand,
they know who I am and are patient with my compulsion; but strangers well I will just have to think of them as my new friends and try not to worry too much. So for a fun afternoon drop into the Westsound Quilters show in Silverdale at the Fair grounds it should be a great show there will be over 400 quilts we are also featureing a"A Thank You to the troops" display of quilts made just for them and the books are also available, I believe it is going to a great show so come on over. For Now Be Happy

Friday, October 2, 2009

Well it is Friday Oct 2nd and the Podcast will be up I am so excited to see what it is all about, Matte & Ester would be so surprised that their story is being told on the web and in a podcast. If you want to see it go to Wholelotasingers.wordpress.com Episode 3.

What has been going on in my life, well a lot. my friend Maureen has been in and out of the hospital this last week I spent the night with her Tuesday and the next day she was back in the hospital, why the doctors can not or will not say, she will be going home or somewhere possibly as early as tomorrow, please pray for her comfort and recovery she is a dear lady and I mean "A Lady" and a quilter to boot. I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends and so many kindred spirits

The International Quilt show in Houston will start soon, they have a new show called the Eye of the Quilter it is a photo show, they feel the quilters eye is not just for quilting, a quilter sees beauty everywhere. Isn't that the truth anyway I submitted three pictures and two were picked, or juried to hang in the show. Can you believe that I am so excited to be choosen it is almost like having a quilt in the really big show, well not quite as exciting. Thelma Moyer has a quilt hanging and she is going to the show so she will take pictures of the Eye of the Quilter Show, I can hardly wait to see how they are presented.

Have you seen the Quilting Gallery contest Natures Best Quilt show, go to the web site and vote on your favorite, nd I hope you vote for mine I am in the small quilt catigory the competition is really great so far I have 12 votes and the best one has 147 I think she might wil anyway it is fun hoping around the web and finding new friends so for now Be Happy

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a surprising day this turned out to be my "color" picture is on the front page of our local newspaper GATELINE.com and to add frosting to the cake there is a second color picture on page 6 it is all about the Gig Harbor Quilt Walk not to be mistaken for the Gig Harbor Quilt Festival they are two different events, the money raised in the GHQW goes to the Gig Harbor Quilt Guild and GHQF donations go to local Breast Cancer Patients...none the less they are great events and they promote the art of quilting and my part is to give a lecture at the Gig Harbor Historical Museum on The History of quilts, their care and preservation. I feel tingles all over and I am afraid and thrilled all at the same time oh and of course nervous and full of inadequate feelings all at once.
Do all stars feel this way? Hee Hee
Anyway they are both worth going to there is so much to do to put on events like these and it is all volunteers from this in this small city, we all
care about each other and the love of quilting holds us together. So come one came all and visit our little town

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh ,by the way the quilt behind me is 'Cats on Safari", the quilting is by Kim Stotsenberg, (THATSEWNSEW)I kidding say she must of had a PARTY doing it because it is so fun and whimsical she really out did herself, I wish she were closer, but hey, we have facebook and blogs, there is no reason not to stay connected no matter where you are you can still feel close to friends and family. Yes blogging is fun now I hope somene blogs me. Hello out there I'm waiting--I'm not sure how to access them, but with a little help from my friends and family I'll find them. I'll be looking for your blog. Be Happy Delaine
I am slowly learning about blog ownership, this is my first attempt and I know the pictures are very big but for the life of me I can's get them smaller. The weather has changed the wind and rain is here hopefully just for a few days, we have had such a wonderful summer so much sunshine my feet even have a tan line. I get sun fever, so I do not sun bath, I just get brown even through my clothes on a sunny day..I get moldy in the rain., or is that moody? Must be the California Girl coming out. oh dear that was a long time ago "Califonia Dreaming" driving with all the windows open and going down to the river to swim, swinging on the old rope into the murky Sacramento River, jumping off bridges. "Those were the Days MyFriend we thought they'd "NEVER" end" those oldies were great for driving in the California sun. The kids today drive with those thumping throbbing boom boxes type music, I know we were loud but never so loud you could hear us coming a quarter mile away. For me it was mostly good clean fun. Wow! Did that really happen to me it was so long ago I feel like I read it somewhere.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston