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Saturday, January 28, 2012

We just celebrated 27 years of marriage

May 18th 1980 the moon was full and my broken heart was forever changed.
Happiness and love walked into my life when I met Jerry.  I knew that first night, you see I fell in love with him even before he kissed me.  I am a practical woman not known for snap decisions or foolish behavior, but I flipped over him, I have loved every minute with this man.  He is the most trust worthy and honest individual, always caring and generous.  His love for his children made him shine like gold, you see my first only cared about himself.  A wife and children were just baggage to him. Now our children are adults and he has discovered what wonderful people they are, he did change, I am so happy for them...................................Jerry never changes he has been a sterling man from the beginning I am no longer alone, afraid or angry I'm just in love with a wonderful man named Jerry.

The stars are not as bright nor the sun

Did you ever meet someone who was radiant, with sunshine and laughter, someone that no matter when you saw or talked to her; she was always happy. In my life there was one - dear lady who could carry that off and it was my cousin's wife  "Char" Charlotte Stafford, we lost her this past week.  For her family and friends a bit of sunshine will be forever lost.  I knew Char since I was a little girl and that is a long long time, and believe me I never heard a disparaging word or anger from her lips, My cousin Lee married her  in 1945 and brought her into our family and what a joy she was.  She will be missed like the sun lost in the clouds her memory will warm our hearts.  Lee and his sons Mark and Kirk were so blessed to have been able to share her life and so was everybody who knew her.  Good bye Char I will miss your happy voice and laughter and We will meet again in another place. Say a prayer for Lee for he has lost the love of his life, he said he was doing okay but every once in a while he will catches him self looking for her, he remembers then he cannot help it he weeps.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wow we have snow

Last week foot steps in the sand this week snow

neighbor playing with his big snow toy
While I was walking in the snow taking pictures Jerry was snuggled up taking his morning nap, I thought it would be fun to get my feet really cold and jump in with him but my sweet guy was sleeping so sound I could not do it.  I guess I am getting soft in my old age I have the ideas but no energy to follow through. I think I will go bake something, we canned 4 qrts and 12 pints of apple sauce yesterday we had stored the apples in the cold trailer, it worked real well we just did not have the time when they were ready.  We gave Karol a lug I wonder if she is playing in the snow or canning what do you think?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lots to tell about our travels

Flights were very bumpy both ways I am not a happy flyer I used to be but the last few flights have left me whizie and wobbly for days but once we landed I was better.  Honolulu is like going to the fair people everywhere, we were so tired from the flight we could not stay awake for the new years eve fireworks and I was really looking forwards to them, oh well just my luck.  I was sick twice on Oahu  so I did not go to Pearl Harbor or the Iinterpretive center with the family, I had already experienced them so it was okay, once we got to Kauai we had wonderful facilities and the water was wonderful. Our two little grand-daughters Kayla and Katie went with us they were dolls.  The only thing that really bugged me was not having access to the web and no cribbage I did not realize how much I would miss cribbage, so I will be getting a WiFi something or other soon funny how we get used to those little emails from friends and family. Everyone has cell phones and those little things in their ears and it is something I am going to try to over come.  Cribbage is just a game not my life, I am trying to over come I think, I can I think I can..

Hawaiian quilting class with Carol Kamaile a very talented lady at Merritt Waikiki

A young Banion Tree

Our beach in Kauai

Snorkel Beauty how fun even for old broads

It is winter in the Islands and even so the flowers were wonderful the hibiscus oh they were so big and colorful. One thing they do have is chickens everywhere, hundreds of them and many many crowing roosters; as long as we kept the sliders shut the crowing was not to bad.  In the morning  breakfast on the deck was quite noisy those roosters were very busy fellows.

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston