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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two more days and APNQ',s really big show yahoo

I am watering well for I will be gone for three days, and as I walked the garden I could smell it..  Yes the cool air of fall is already in the ait  and I am not ready. Hopefully we will have a warm indian summer.  Dang I am no ready for fall.  It did not seem like we had very many warm days, and the hot hot ones they were awful, the lovely warm summer days were few and far between or am I imagining it.  It just doesn't feel like we had a summer.  Oh well I love this country and I am getting older and I find I do less and less outside the yard shows its lack of care.   I like to keep up with the dead heading but things are getting a bit sh  After the Tacoma show I will have some time.  Right!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Recoved from the big day

Wow, I walked into the house went into the bedroom and crashed for 3 hours after getting home from the antique road show experience.  Then I got up walked to my chair and slept there until Jerry said, time to go to bed, golly I was so tired I could not even tell Jerry about my day with Debra.  Which was a wonderful time, the hours we spend with our children one on one are the treasured hours in a mother's memory.  Now that my children are grown and have their own families those  golden hours spent talking and laughing are so few and far between but they are the treasures hidden in a mothers memory.  Those memories warm your spirit when you are alone or have a quiet time undisturbed I find memories of my children and the one on one times we spent together are the warmest.
I have a wonderful group of  young people my children and their children their lives are full and interesting there are ups and downs crisis after dilemma and yet they prosper with good humor and they walk in faith, well most of them there is always a hold out or two but all and all they are good people. 

Now the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters Show in Tacoma will open in a few days.  I will be there for three days doing what ever is required of a quilt show groupie, I am also in the Fashion Show some of my family will be there to see me strutting my stuff.  I can hardly wait to seen how my two youngest grand-daughters do watching the show my oldest Grand-daughter and her boss will also be there plus Jerry and a couple of friends; so I am practicing my runway walk  in spike heels any extra prayers would be appreciated I have not done spike heels in years, so far so good.

Well now I think I will join Jerry and Lilly they are already napping and the scent of the lilies is drifting into the house and the smell is delicious, I think I will join the nappers, so for now have a great day .

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wow what a week

Started the week off doing applesauce Jerry peeled and I canned we are a good team.

Next my grandson came to visit we went fishing and had a lot of fun with worms but no fish, Well, Wyatt caught two but they were way too small, no keepers.  Oh well next time.

Mid week and our STITCH group meets and we have fun with color and fabric pieces wait until next month and you will see a great
array of small colorful quilts

To end the week my daughter and I went to the Great Seattle Antique Road Show
Some might call it the great stand off because we stood for almost six hours arrived at 11:30 and left at 5:30 we loved it, all the pain was worth every cramp of foot, back spasm and head ache from the lights it was a wonderful day spent with my daughter and the other 9000 people.  I have to commend the ARS for their organization and the many people who worked for the show they were so happy and helpful. It was a great day.

To end the week My daughter and I went to Antique Road Show in Seattle, wow there were at least 9000 people there, we had so much fun standing for nearly 6 hours.

Our new friends we stood together for over four hours and became great friends, what a good time, much laughter and shared stories of  our many the great hunts.

Staggered to the ferry thank goodness the weather is changing and I can feel the cool marine air 

Good bye Seattle I am not going to describe the traffic, there was 3 cruise ships in with about 10,000 people coming and going plus the Hemp Festival,  need I say more.
Anyway I had a great week and the next week is The Association of Pacific West Quilters show in Tacoma please come and share the love of quilting with Kindred spirits--And do not miss the great Wearable -art Fashion show on Sat 4-6 I will be modeling four of my creations they are a bit different than the others but together it is going to be a great show.
Go on-line at APWQ and check out the details

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beautiful grand-daughters

Haily & Kayla


Anna & Aubrie in Cabo

Ashley & Aubrie in Cabo

Anna & Aubrie in Cabo

Elizabeth at graduation

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Imari pieces

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston