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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Will this Peacock fly?

I have been working on my Heron, a life size Heron who now resides in my dinning room along with a full size Christmas tree. I was juried into the Salmonchanted Harbor fund raiser for Art in the Schools a noble project indeed and my Bird is not the average heron he is to be Gig Harbor's
Peacock. My oh my does he sparkle and I wonder how he will fit into this up scale Art auction. I have enjoyed the process but I have spent so much time just looking at him, and pondering what to do next I think I must get away for a day to re-focus. We turn them in Thursday he will be ready, he is actually almost completed just some adjusting of feathers and doing his eyes; what I planned is not quite working so back to the drawing board. I have to laugh at myself I just do not know where these ideas come from, and if others will like him? that is the question. It seems like will someone like him enough to buy him. Everyone who has seen him just walks around him saying wow, wow; I'm not sure what that means, he is different to say the least. Well for now I am going to bed early, yes tonight it will be before mid night, tomorrow I will do the final touches and off he goes to wait for the big unveiling at Gig Harbors Civic Center all fifteen of the birds will be have their debut there. From there each one is assigned to a local business until the big Auction, mine will be at the Maritime Inn, so mark your calenders for September 18Th and come to the big fund raiser for Art in the schools and bring your wallets I think you will need them...............Jerry says he doesn't want me to buy him back, he just does not fit our decor two months in the dinning room was enough.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taxes and Sugar Plums

I have been working on our taxes and, well what can I say, Oh I will be glad when I get this job finished why the delay? you say, well we will have to pay a goodly sum and I like to hold on to our money as long as I can. So tomorrow will be the day.
Why Taxes and sugar plums, our Granddaughter Hailey is staying the night, what a dear little soul she is, she is so willing to help and do what ever I am doing. Her bright eyes taking everything in and what a chit chatter she just talks away telling delightful stories of school and friends. I watched her with her doll and the gentle way she carried it and tucked it in to its bed, you could just see into her minds and know she was treating and caring for a real baby. She even talked softly to her baby as she gently patted its covering, it was such a gossamer moment for me. A pure moment of sugarplum delight.
Grandmothers are blessed to have their grand children around it is a shared blessing because both share a gift of love and understanding; parents sometimes are so busy they miss the special moments, those times when the child flops back on the sofa and tells a story using her arms and bouncing her head in exuberance shares the tale, the comfortable way they fling their bodies totally unaware of their sexuality and feeling safe in that innocence of being a child open to adventure and mystery. Her soul is free from the pain of this world, the cruelty and dangers she may have to face, the reality of growing up and having others hurt and betray you. She will lose that innocence in time and become an adult. She will carry her worries into the future. A future that no longer honors she inner desires to be a mother; that pure and innocent urge to love to be a mother will be tested and she may never get the chance. The young men in her future will not want to marry and carry the responsibility of raising a family. Family structure is breaking the honor of commitment. The dedication of raising children for the future is slipping away, family traditions are neglected, in many cases they are not even being taught in our modern Churches or schools, or in the homes of honorable men and women.
My heart grows heavy thinking about what is ahead for her, these few pure moments I savor will pass they will not be lost, my minds eye I will carry that memory and I will do my best to be there for her and help strengthen her for the future and I hope for more quiet times when we can just do what is natural for two women to share, to be female and share our walk; the old woman and the young walking together sharing their laughter, strengths,and wisdom and their mutual love of one another, that love will hold us together. We will guide each other for the day will come when she sits back watching me, as I talk to myself of memories of the past, she will be the strong and wise one for me I will take her arm for protection. That is why we have family for our walk changes and the time will come for all of us to lean on another younger than ourselves, someone to help us in our final walk.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Natures Easter Egg Hunt

Today I hung Easter eggs on my Christmas tree in the dinning room, yes it is still up I will turn on the lights for Easter and I have put prizes in each egg, the Grand children will get to pick one. One will get a twenty dollar bill the others less I think we will have rain. very cold rain so this will fill the gap if we can't have an outside hunt....anyway Jerry hung eggs on our apple tree and the wind and hale did a number on them, mother nature did her own egg hunt. the kids will be disappointed when they find eggs with nothing but a hole in it. I make Baby Back ribs and a large upside down pineapple cake and Jerry is doing a fruit salad, the rest of the meal will come with the kids.......We will all take hands and give thanks for another safe year and remember what Christ gave so freely to us. Hopefully we will have story time telling of Easters past I always like to do that it helps to connect use to our memories. Our young ones will learn the family history and we will all get a glimpse into each heart.
The dinning room will be a little cramped because not only do we have a full size Christmas tree I have the life size Heron standing in a resin pond, I am to decorate him to be auctioned off for Art in the Schools, it is a really big deal one of the Salmon that was made last year sold for $9000 hopefully some generous person will like mine and bid a goodly amount. There were 16 Artist chosen for this years auction and I was one of them, my buddy in crime Jody was also chosen so we are madly designing quilted Heron's, mine of course will be a Long tall Peacock with beads and sequins ,silk and glitz, Jody's will be a little more traditional. The auction is called Salmon Enchanted evening it is a grand affair and a big deal in our little city of Gig Harbor. They have made thousands in the past to support art in the local schools, the information should be on the web soon giving dates and a little artist recognition.
Well it is 12:30 and I said I would be in bed by 12:00 so off I go to dream of bunnies and eggs and how lucky I am to have such a great family to share Easter with. May you all have a lovely sunny Easter

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston