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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Christmas gathering

A special thank you to my Joel for getting my computer to open and up and running wow what a guy.
I have a wonderful family no matter what they are family and treat each other with love and respect I am so proud to be the matriarch of this great family. We always get together before Christmas so each family can be home for Christmas eve we usually go to the closest house which is Karol and Don's this year we will go but it will be low key because both Karol and Don have had surgery "Gall Bladder" in the last two weeks. So as a family we met on the 21st and what lovely time we had, only problem we encountered was food way too much we can not seem to get it proportioned but the wise ones always bring their own containers and make a haul on left overs. 

Now to get some pictures of the food I hope

My daughter Debra made these cute penguins not only cute but tasty she also made the Santa head grapes
Triple berry sheet pie and pretzel sticks dipped in yumminess galore...After the Seahawks game we had a  slumber party with three grand daughters, sad news Hailey and Wyatt leave for their new home in Vancouver WA. Daddy will be putting many miles on his rig to visit them, we will all do our best                                                           b to keep in touch, I see train rides in our future and camping on the Columbia.  Good luck to Lisa and the kids in their new home. My dad always said you have to follow the buck and for Lisa after a year of looking this was the only choice.
I'Leah is now 17 months old wow time passes so quickly she is walking and very busy

We also welcomed a new member to the family Freyia Joel's new grand daughter a happy picture of four generations a happy addition to the family


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Leaves of God Fall 2009

My seasons have flown by so fast
I can hardly remember the details of my budding
I bloomed far too early forced by natures call
The flower of my youth stolen
My spring lost

I could not hold my bloom
As fruit required all my time
That season of summer went so fast
Consumed by my fruit youth slipped away
Never to swing freely in the warm summers breeze
I held fast lest my fruit should fall

Hot summer days turn to chilly nights
My fruit now ripe hear falls call
They release to face their own unknown
I watch as they fall free
My branches lift from their weight
I stand-alone the crisp air begins to blow

Indian summer comes with new love
I bask in the crisp sun light
My beauty is seen and shared
With the bloom of crimson leaves
My golden years begin

Too soon, I see my skin begin to shrivel
Youths golden beauty slips into grey
My hold on the tree of life seems futile
The frost of winter comes so fast
I hold tight lest I fall

So many leaves are falling
I watch as they let go one by one
My winter is here my time has come
The cold ground awaits my fall

The snows of winter cover my memory
Yet the family tree still stands
Spring will come
New leaves will unfold
The seasons of life begins again

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston

Edmonds Ferry to Kingston